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Impact of food packaging on purchase

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food sales packaging needs to gradually develop into pop packaging (focus advertising) integrating protection, introduction and publicity, and shoulder the modern mission of “silent salesman”. Packaging promotion plays a role through psychological incentives to consumers
the influence of sales packaging on purchasing psychology
people often get the impression of external things through their eyes. With the continuous emergence of new retail methods such as supermarkets and warehouse shopping malls, there are more and more self-service in the field of consumption, and the consulting role of salesmen is increasingly replaced by the language of commodity appearance visualization. Consumers’ dependence on packaging in the process of identifying goods makes the “silent competition” on the shelf more and more intense: the packaging must be able to tell consumers that they should buy it immediately
it can be seen at a glance, that is, recognition ability. Consumers keep the conventional impression of various foods in their memory. They often buy goods according to the inherent shape of the packaging. When the quality of goods is not easy to distinguish according to the product itself, people often judge according to the packaging. Packaging is one of the foundations of product differentiation. It can not only explain the name, quality and trademark of the product, introduce the special effects and uses of the product, but also show the characteristics of the enterprise. Consumers can obtain relevant information about goods in a short time through packaging. Therefore, appropriately increasing the information capacity of packaging for target customers can enhance the attractiveness of goods
take it and use it, that is, convenience function. Packaging is divided into appropriate components, which provides a reliable means of preservation, is easy to carry and use, and can also guide consumers how to use
beyond gold and jade, that is, value-added function. The successfully designed packaging integrates artistry, knowledge, interest and modernity. The appearance quality of high-grade food can stimulate the social needs of buyers, make them feel that they have improved their identity while having food, and their hearts are full of joy
it is true that consumers judge the quality of goods not only based on packaging, but also subordinate to goods. The quality, price and popularity of goods are the main factors for consumers to weigh. However, the “halo effect” of packaging can transfer consumers’ good feeling of packaging to goods and achieve the purpose of promotion.

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three principles of packaging design: eye-catching, understanding and favorable impression

the so-called packaging not only has the function of acting as the God of product protection, but also has a positive role in sales promotion. With the fierce market competition in recent years, more and more people are trying their best to make it play the latter role. Japanese scholar yizhizhuo once put forward a principle of “eye-catching, understanding and favor”

eye catching

in order to promote sales, packaging must first attract the attention of consumers, because only the goods that attract the attention of consumers can be purchased. Therefore, the packaging should use novel and unique shapes, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and distinctive materials to make the packaging have eye-catching effects and make consumers have strong interest as soon as they see it

the unique and novel shape can attract the attention of consumers. For example, the shape of wine bottles is generally based on cylinders. Some wine bottles use imitation modeling and are designed into complex anchor or human shape. In a batch of wine bottles shaped by cylinders and cuboids, they will appear very prominent and beautiful

the beauty of color is the easiest thing for people to feel. Some marketing scholars even think that color is the first factor determining sales. In their long-term market research, they found that some colors, as the packaging of products, will make products surprisingly difficult to sell, and gray is one of them. They believe that this is because gray is difficult to make people excited, and it is naturally difficult to generate impulse to buy. They put forward that red, blue, white and black are the four major sales colors, which was found when making and comparing the images of red, blue, white, black, green, orange, yellow and tan. Taking red as an example, it has the most images, and it is the image with the most powerful relationship with life, such as sun, fire and blood. Therefore, red is the most exciting. Blue, white and black are also closely related to the sun. The sun is always high above the blue sky. As soon as the sun goes down, it gets dark. When the sun rises again at dawn, the eastern sky becomes fish belly white. These four colors are important colors that dominate our daily pace of life. As sales colors, they can arouse consumers’ interest and interest. This analysis is reasonable. Pattern is combined with color. The carton packaging of “Snow Lotus” cashmere sweater is soft light green, and there is a protruding white snow lotus pattern on the box, which is particularly elegant and eye-catching. Outside the bottle of “Western Han ancient wine”, there is a brand with antique black pattern on a red background. On the yellow background of the packing box, there are four strong and dignified black seal characters “Western Han ancient wine”, which looks like an old man telling a long story. In a row of colorful wine bottles, its unique style is very eye-catching

generally speaking, the packaging pattern should mainly set off the brand trademark and fully display the characteristics of the brand trademark, so that consumers can immediately identify the products of a factory, especially famous brand products and famous brand stores, from the phonetic symbols and the overall packaging pattern. The striking trademark on the packaging can immediately attract consumers. The change of packaging materials has also attracted people’s attention. The porcelain gifts exported from Shandong are creatively packed in portable boxes made of corn husks, which not only makes full use of the surplus rural labor force, but also makes a large number of local cheap materials into industrial and artistic packaging with folk characteristics and elegant texture, which is more artistic than ordinary carton packaging. Sichuan’s famous “silk wrapped rabbit” food, originally packaged in red rectangular cartons, is now woven into exquisite cylindrical containers with thin bamboo strips, which is unique and beautiful, forming an unforgettable impression


successful packaging should not only arouse consumers’ attention and interest in products through the use of shape, color, pattern and material, but also enable consumers to accurately understand products through packaging. Because the purpose of people’s purchase is not the packaging, but the products in the packaging. The most effective way to accurately convey the product information is to truly convey the product image. You can use full transparent packaging, open windows on the packaging container to display the product, draw product graphics on the packaging, make concise text instructions on the packaging, print color product photos on the packaging, etc

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