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Illustration of how to install DIY mobile phone box

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empty cartons make storage boxes
preparation materials: various empty cartons (such as tins, moon cake boxes, biscuit boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc.), pattern packaging paper, English newspapers, cardboard (used to increase the thickness inside)
a the size of the storage box made of the towel box is just right for placing the old tapes and other sundries
B. the toothpaste box with longer shape is packed in English newspaper. With the inner box, it can be used as a pen box. Sewing buttons and sealing lines at the opening is a good sealing method
C. add two drawers into the long rectangular and rectangular cartons of cosmetics and other boxes as the inner box, which can make jewelry boxes and store small accessories such as earrings and necklaces
D. three empty aluminum foil bags can be placed on the desktop as a stationery box after cutting the box mouth, washing and drying, and pasting each other into one

the unique jewelry box is handmade
the unique jewelry box looks very creative and exquisite. Its predecessor is just a milk box after drinking
preparation materials: small milk box, beautiful wrapping paper, a small piece of paper rattan, pearl board and corrugated board
1. Cut open the mouth of the milk bottle, press and fold the four sides of the milk box into the shape above
2. Cut your favorite wrapping paper into long strips and stick them on each side
3. Trace the size of the box mouth and cut out the square box
4. Add the thickness of a song pearl board in the box cover

empty cans of potato chips are used to make storage cans and multi-purpose pen holders
the materials to be prepared for making this pen holder: empty potato chip cans, colored wrapping paper
A. cover the top half with a plastic cover at the bottom and decorate it, which is an elegant storage can
B. the lower half is originally a complete cylindrical can. It only needs to be packaged to become a pen container

handmade vertical shelf
retain the original shape of the milk box and stack it into a vertical shelf
materials to be prepared for DIY production:
4 long milk boxes, wrapping paper and photo glue
1. First remove the bottom of the milk box as the basic part of the shelf
2. Cut the milk box obliquely and fold it into a triangle, as shown in the figure
3. The completed triangle is used as the base of the shelf, which can make the whole slightly upward inclined, so as to facilitate the storage of items without scattering
4. After the bottom seat and the three basic shapes are packaged, they will be stacked and bonded, and then they will be completed

creative CD rack production with natural, rough and original flavor
materials to be prepared for making this creative work:
corrugated board of waste carton (if the thickness is not enough, two layers or an additional layer of cardboard can be used to increase the firmness), branches
manual manufacturing method:
· cut the corrugated board on both sides with a width of about 37.5px equidistant, and then insert the branch to adjust the angle. The CD rack can be completed
· insert the CD horizontally into the notches on both sides, and turn the album name outward to find it

handmade bookshelves
it’s better to use these abandoned empty cartons and cartons to make a unique and practical handmade book and newspaper rack. It looks very good
materials to be prepared for manual production:
cartons or cartons (about the size of magazines, books and newspapers), calendar paper and English newspapers (for packaging)
1. Cut out simple and generous shapes and stick them with English newspaper packaging, which is a practical and full of book and newspaper rack
2. Draw an arc on the diagonal corner of the carton and cut it into a fan. Add recycled paper materials such as calendar paper. After a little decoration, a strong, durable and environmentally friendly book and newspaper folder will be completed

handmade animal storage boxes and storage boxes with bright colors and full of childlike fun

materials to be prepared for making this storage box: Waste cartons and decorative paper materials
1. The original waste cartons should be rectangular and thicker
2. Cut and fold the carton into a trapezoid as the basic structure of the lion
add the lion’s face and use the paper clip to outline the lion’s shape, and then the work can be completed
the appearance of the box after it is opened
you can also design an animal shape you like and create a lovely animal storage box

production method of environmental protection gift box
the following is a very economical and environmentally friendly gift box
preparation materials:
milk box (long or medium-sized), wrapping paper, glue (or double-sided adhesive)
1. After removing the bottle mouth as shown in the line draft, draw a broken line on the milk box with a pen
2. Use a ruler to assist the blade and gently draw a crease on the crease line
3. Pinch and fold the oblique angle according to the original cut crease
4. Fold out four oblique angles and fix them by rotation
5. Spread out the paper with your fingers and sort out the shape of the petals
6. The folded shape is shown in the figure, but it has not been completed. The purpose is to fix the crease first, so that the shape can be easily folded after packaging, so as to avoid the wrinkle of the outer grid
7. First unfold the original folded shape and paste it on the surface with wrapping paper. About 100px must be reserved up and down
8. Cut the opening into four pieces and fold them in
9. Fold the paper at the bottom with the general method of packing the gift box, and then fold it again according to the original folding method, and then you can fold out the exquisite gift box

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