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How’s the work in the printing factory? How much is the salary

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the wages of employees in printing plants vary greatly

ordinary clerks in printing plants and ordinary positions in workshops are basically 1000-3000, generally in charge of food and accommodation, salesperson’s base salary plus commission (some have a minimum guarantee but the Commission is low, some have no minimum guarantee and the Commission is high), and the salary for starting a printing press is within 2000-8000

working in a printing factory for a long time will bring some harm to the body. Dust pollution. In order to prevent sticking when the lithographic press receives the paper, it is necessary to spray powder on the printed matter. Although it is non-toxic, it is very harmful to the body if inhaled into the lungs. Usually, the conditions in the workshop are not very good. The temperature of the printing press is very high, and it will be very hot in summer. Even if the workshop has air conditioning, it may be more than 30 degrees

business scope

the printing factory can do a lot of things, such as publicity picture books, samples, books, newspapers, magazines, bills, cartons, cartons, paper bags, wall calendars, desk calendars, envelopes, rolls of paper, books, posters, etc. in short, printed products can be seen everywhere in our life and work. For this reason, there will be printing technology exchange, printing recruitment, printing publicity, printing exhibition activities, etc

the technology of transferring ink to the surface of paper, fabric, leather and other materials through plate making, inking, pressurization and other processes to copy the contents of the original in batch is called printing. There are many forms of printing, including traditional offset printing, screen printing, digital printing and so on

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how much is the salary of the printing factory? A month
if you are a general worker, it is recommended to withdraw. The printing factory has no money
when a printing factory says it’s design, it’s actually connecting the documents. The wrong color depends on your failure to handle it well (the customer’s own documents, you are only responsible for self turning positive and negative versions)
it’s a job where practice makes perfect. How much salary can you get? 4000 yuan at most
I really want to develop in this area. I suggest going to a design company to do design. The level is improved, the salary is also increased, and there are private jobs
it is difficult to determine the salary of the manual beer machine captain in the printing plant in a month. It depends on the city. If it is a first and second tier city, it is generally about 10000 yuan. If it is a third and fourth tier city, it is about 5000 or 6000 yuan
generally speaking, how to allocate the salary for the offset printing machine. Like our company, it seems that it is allocated according to the following () which may change for reference only) of course, the distribution schemes of each company are different. The specific one depends on the salary management department of the company
how much is the salary of a general printing factory in Shanghai per hour? What are the factories near Meilong Town, Minhang District, Shanghai
when working in a printing factory, the base salary is 2000 +, 8 hours a day and 3 hours overtime, and the monthly salary is only 3500 +
how much is the salary of Tianjin Yihong printing factory a month and how about the treatment
there are several positions in the factory
the salary of each position is different
What if the boss of a private printing factory doesn’t give me a month’s salary? What if I don’t have evidence
it refers to taking it to the local labor bureau, and then applying for labor arbitration to solve it. As long as there is an employment relationship when working in the factory, there will be no problem.
What does the assembly line in the printing factory do? The salary is usually a lot of money a month? Harm to health
it depends on what workshop you are in. If it is a printing workshop, the assembly line generally plays a conveying role, that is, the printed products flow down the assembly line, and then there is the inspection station (full inspection). Those paints and the like must have an impact on the body. The salary is not very clear. Generally, there will be post subsidies. Every factory is different
how much is the general salary for opening a trademark printing press? A month
depends on where you are. Look at your technical level. I’m in Guangzhou. The average technology here is 6000, and there are many people who are forced to take 1112
recently, someone asked me to be a printing apprentice in a carton factory. I want to know the relevant information. How long does it take for a successful apprentice to work? How many hours does it take
a printing apprentice? You also want to be a disciple. Don’t dream. Why should other people’s masters teach you and teach others why to go? Don’t be so naive. Remember not to go to the printing factory as a last resort. It’s too tired. Generally, you work for 12 hours, so the salary is so high. If you rest one day a month, you’ll be as happy as the new year. Why so tired? How old are you this year?

the salary for studying printing is different for different posts
the printer is a technology that transfers the ink to the surface of paper, fabric, leather and other materials to copy the contents of the original in batches through the processes of plate making, inking and pressurization
1 computer graphic production design
2 films (film)
3 printing
4 printing
5 binding
6 finished products

the salary depends on the specific position in the printing factory. As far as Beijing is concerned, 80-100 million yuan /month for the operation of the printing opposite opening machine, 7000 yuan /month for the operation of the four opening machine, 6000 yuan /month for the eight opening machine, a relatively low number of deputies, and 3500 yuan /month for the printing machine apprentice. Printing and washing is 4000 yuan /month, and the average worker in the later stage is about 3500-4000 yuan /month per piece. Printing factories are all wrapped up, which can save part of their living expenses.

at present, the wages of skilled workers in the printing factory are relatively high. The wages of the head printer in our factory are about 9000-11000 yuan and that of general workers are about 4000 yuan.

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