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How to wrap a book for a birthday gift!!?

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although a book looks like a cheap gift and makes people feel careless, once we pack it with our heart, the other party will not feel hypocritical when we receive the gift wrapped with our heart in this way, when the other party opens it, he finds that it is not as he thinks, but at least it will not be so disgusted! The thoughtful packaging will really save a lot of friendship and love, comrades! Of course, if your gift is expensive enough, it’s not low to carry a bag with a big logo, and it seems willing to spend money. But if I am a person who plays enough in my heart, there will be a residual thought of “you are using money to perfunctory me”

the first suggestion is to get a flower on the wrapping paper if the person you send to is a person with high quality in life, remember to tie a flower (flowers, immortal flowers and dried flowers) to the gift box, so that he can fully imagine the dreamy beauty bathed in the flowers. If it is a gift given on a bright day like Christmas, it is suggested to choose a more classic color. More commonly used are some green, red and gold brown kraft paper. In addition, white and brown kraft paper can also try to match flowers and leaves

the second suggestion is to paste photos on the wrapping paper. if you two have been traveling together, you can wash all the beautiful scenery saved with your eyes during the journey into photos and paste them on the gifts, so that he can travel around the world with you while opening the gifts. Put on candy and think of him, do you immediately have sweet memories in your mind? Remember to decorate the same lollipop full of good memories on the gift, so that he can also immerse himself in sweet memories. With beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon, how can we lose the unique gift label? This is the complete blessing of Christmas

illustration is also a very good method especially if you write with your heart, it doesn’t matter if it’s not beautiful; Just paste gift stickers with hand-painted texture! On the upper end of kraft paper, the pattern is drawn with white paint, which can create a unique packaging paper with winter atmosphere without any drawing foundation

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