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How to vacuum package food and sell it?

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I want to package my hometown specialty and sell it in the supermarket. How can I carry out vacuum packaging. Is that machine expensive? How to advertise? How to apply for food license QS? Ask for expert advice, share some things, cooperate some!

man, you ask a big question. You don’t know enough. I suggest you ask separately. All I know is composite packaging. I do food packaging. If you want to enter the supermarket, the one with higher requirements should have strength. If you don’t have 10 million, don’t think about entering the supermarket. You can’t afford the entrance fee alone and the distribution volume at the beginning..

buy a vacuum packaging machine and ask the other party to provide packaging bags. Advertise for TV stations, newspapers, websites and other media. When you apply for QS certificate and register with the local administration for Industry and commerce, the other party will tell you to go to the health bureau and the Food Supervision Bureau. Vacuum packaging machine is also called vacuum pumping machine, and the price is generally XXXX 00 yuan. That is more than 1000 yuan and less than 10000 yuan, the prices vary greatly.

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