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How to use Huawei VR glasses?

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first download an app that can play VR, then open the app and operate according to the prompts on the app. Premise: the mobile phone must have gyroscope function to use VR eyes

virtual reality, referred to as VR technology for short, also known as spiritual environment technology or artificial environment, uses computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional virtual world, which provides users with simulation of vision, hearing, touch and other senses, so that users can observe things in the three-dimensional space in a timely and unrestricted manner as if they were experiencing their environment

when the user moves the position, the computer can immediately carry out complex calculations and send back the accurate 3D world image to create a sense of presence. Virtual reality (VR), seeing all the scenes and characters are fake, is to substitute human consciousness into a virtual world

Hello, the mobile phone packaging box is a creative design of the product. A set of spectacle lens kit is given away from the factory. Please install it according to the installation instructions on the side of the packaging box. After a simple DIY, it can be transformed into a free simple version of VR glasses carton. After putting it into the mobile phone, you can experience VR video.

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