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How to store eggplant with nano preservative

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application method of nano bioactive detoxification preservative (preservation method)
1. Selection of preservation and storage products:
fruit and vegetable products used for long-term preservation and storage, off-season sales or long-distance trafficking are about eight mature, which are required to be free of diseases and pests, decay and deterioration and deformity
2. Natural precooling of fresh-keeping and storage products:
spread the fruit and vegetable products outdoors or indoors to fully release the heat in the field, ventilate and distribute the surface moisture, and fully converge and heal the wound at the pick-up of the fruit and vegetable stalk
3. Use of preservative:
A. when preserving fruits and vegetables, just put the products into cartons, plastic baskets, plastic bags or other containers, and put the preservative in the middle of the products to be preserved
note: the far-infrared radiation range of nano preservative is 20cm in radius and 40cm in diameter. For products that are difficult to store, the diameter of preservative should be reduced and clamped in proportion. For larger containers, one or more bags can be clamped according to volume or spacing. Punch holes about the thickness of thumb on the four sides around the box, and the specific quantity depends on the size standard of the carton; The hole on the bag is based on the thickness of cigarettes, and dozens of holes can be tied (keep natural ventilation without sealing); Since the far-infrared ray can penetrate any packaging, the preservative can also be used for products (commodities) that have been packaged in small packages. The fresh-keeping products shall be stored by category and shall not be mixed to avoid mutual resistance
B. for fruit and vegetable products that are not afraid of extrusion, such as watermelon, potato, sweet potato, etc., use the fruit cellar, air raid shelter and basement of ordinary houses to stack them locally, and put preservative in proportion and spacing
C. when it is used for the preservation of supermarket shelf booths, after the preservative is placed on the booths according to the proportion and spacing, any fresh products containing water such as fruits and vegetables, food, etc. can be stacked on the booths
D. the nano preservative can be used repeatedly and will never fail. After pasting the preservative with double-sided adhesive on the six inner walls of refrigerators or other boxes, boxes and cabinets, the nano preservative boxes, boxes and cabinets without electricity will be born, with ideal effect, energy conservation, environmental protection, health and safety, permanent use, and will enter thousands of households in the near future
E. when used for fresh-keeping of liquid products such as fresh seafood and pickles, put nano preservative into gauze bag and put preservative every 5kg, which has better fresh-keeping effect, safer and nutritious

4. Storage conditions of fresh-keeping products
use ordinary houses, fruit cellars, air raid shelters, basements and other fresh-keeping products. During storage, direct sunlight should be avoided and a certain degree of ventilation should be maintained; Regardless of humidity, fresh-keeping storage can be implemented at room temperature (6 degrees below zero to 35 degrees above zero)
5. Preservation period
all products containing water can be preserved with pulidone nano preservative, and the greater the water content of the products, the longer the preservation period, that is to say, the preservation period is directly proportional to the water content of fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking, the specific preservation period is also related to the variety, origin, maturity at the time of purchase, storage season and the method and use of nano preservative

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