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How to query the authenticity of cigarettes through the code on the outer package

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look at the packaging: there is a 5mm pull wire at one end of the transparent paper of the small box of real cigarettes. Citizens must pay attention to the packaging of cigarettes when purchasing cigarettes, because the packaging of fake cigarettes is generally rough and there is no anti-counterfeiting mark. The strip boxes and small boxes of real cigarettes have good sealing, square appearance, firm pasting, uniform pasting points, neat and shiny packaging transparent paper, and the position and direction of the pull wire are consistent. In addition, one end of the small box of transparent paper is left with a 5mm stay wire, the unbonded part of the stay wire is used as a handle, the notch of the stay wire head is neat, the words on the stay wire are consistent with its brand and factory name, and the trademark printing is clear and complete, and the touch and pressure pattern or text convex feeling is obvious. The aluminum foil paper of real cigarettes is of good quality. The aluminum foil paper of some cigarettes is marked with brand name or machine steel number, month, workshop, etc. the font is relatively special and not easy to imitate. There is aluminum paper broken line at the top of the small hard box, which can make it easy for consumers to open. The incision of aluminum paper is flush and free of stubble, while counterfeit cigarettes are often difficult to do. Real cigarettes will also have text or digital identification codes pasted or printed by the local tobacco Department on the carton. Look at cigarettes: the cut of real cigarettes is flush and complete, and the surface is smooth. To identify fake cigarettes, we should also look at cigarettes and cut tobacco, including the rolling material, appearance, arrangement and appearance of cut tobacco. Genuine cigarette tray paper and tipping paper generally have their own text or pattern marks, which are consistent with the strip box and small box. The filter rod is generally acetate filter with good elasticity; The genuine cigarette is full, with uniform tightness, the cigarette cut is smooth and complete, and the surface is smooth. In general, 20 cigarettes in a small box have a relatively specified arrangement, some are arranged in “7.6.7” and some are arranged in “7.7.6”. Fake cigarettes are often inconsistent with real cigarettes due to different packaging machines. Look at the cut tobacco: the smoked tobacco is pungent and fragrant, and the tobacco is smoked. The tobacco color of the genuine smoked tobacco is orange, shiny and oily, and the natural aroma and flavor of the cut tobacco are soft and pleasant. The cut tobacco of fake cigarettes is dark in color, some are uncoordinated red, and some are yellow with white. The cut tobacco smells pungent, with strong smoke smell, heavy miscellaneous gas, and even moldy smell or other peculiar smell. When smoking genuine cigarettes, you can feel the harmonious aroma, pure smoking taste and good flammability of cut tobacco. Simple identification method: real cigarettes will not burst when put into boiling water. A simple method to identify true and fake cigarettes: put cigarettes into a cup full of boiling water. Generally, real cigarettes will not burst, while fake cigarettes will burst. This is because the cut tobacco quality of fake cigarettes is poor and has not been expanded. The official also said that if citizens suspect that the cigarettes they have purchased are fake cigarettes, it is best to send them to the tobacco monopoly administration department for professional identification.

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