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How to print one object and one code anti-counterfeiting QR code on the soft packaging of food, pesticide and seed?

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requires two steps
1. The printing factory carries out normal flexible packaging printing and vacates the place where one object and one code anti-counterfeiting QR code need to be printed
2. The technology company will arrange a background system of one object and one code for its own products. After doing so, the system company will give you a database (usually in Excel or TXT format). You can use the online code spraying equipment to spray the code in the reserved space after uploading the database
note: the system company gives you a database, not a picture of each QR code as many people think.

many coding equipment companies can handle this now, including software and hardware. That’s what we do, but we don’t leave the company name.

find an inkjet printer company or a packaging machine company. Basically, the inkjet printer company can provide this set of equipment, including background QR code generation program and QR code scanning, uploading and storage.

1security code
the safety control from code generation to the whole SOP ensures the safety of data in the links of generation, printing, factory and circulation. Rely on Tencent cloud security technology to provide financial protection for cloud data and ensure that manufacturers do not disclose core data
2 personalized marketing
quickly combine online and offline. Scanning QR code on mobile phone can easily obtain product information and participate in various marketing activities at the same time. Based on consumer behavior analysis, help enterprises continuously improve their personalized interaction with each consumer
3 marketing risk control
big data and artificial intelligence association algorithm can accurately identify malicious red envelopes and other reward behaviors. Risk control models and strategies aim at one thing and one code scenario: strengthen social data evaluation, and increase scanning behavior and other risk control logic detection
4 data portrait
provides enterprises with a complete consumer big data analysis platform to track the impact of consumers on products, sales areas, purchase behavior and other sales data. Combined with accurate user portrait, it provides accurate consumer group analysis for enterprises
5 anti counterfeiting traceability
Professional QR code production and identification ability to accurately identify the information transmitted by the QR code. The code adopts the international standard price level, and each QR code is a separate encrypted ID number to provide traceability services for various commodities
6 sales process management
the whole process tracking management of the supply chain covers the dealers and terminals of production, warehousing, distribution and terminal scientific management, so as to quickly improve the management efficiency and efficiency, optimize the enterprise production process, reduce logistics and manpower, and provide a real and reliable database for the enterprise.

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