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How to print anti-counterfeiting signs

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because fake and shoddy goods have huge profit margins, inferior goods are rampant and can not be eliminated, which seriously damages the interests of manufacturers and consumers. However, with the continuous development of anti-counterfeiting technology for packaging, printing and production, more and more anti-counterfeiting technologies have been found and applied to practice, and invisible bar code is one of them. Today, let’s talk about the anti-counterfeiting technology of invisible bar code produced by packaging and printing
invisible bar code can achieve the purpose of neither destroying the overall effect of packaging and decoration nor affecting the characteristics of bar code. Similarly, after invisible bar code is invisible, it is difficult for counterfeiters to copy it. Its anti-counterfeiting effect is very good, and there is no chromatic problem during printing. Several forms of invisible bar code:

(1) overlay invisible bar code. The principle of this invisible bar code is that after the bar code is printed, it is covered with a specific film or coating, so the processed bar code is difficult for human eyes to read. The covered invisible bar code has good anti-counterfeiting effect, but its decoration effect is not ideal

(2) photochemical invisible bar code. The ordinary visual bar code is processed by optical method. After this treatment, it is difficult for people’s eyes to find traces. It can not be read by ordinary wavelength light and non-specific light. This invisible bar code is completely invisible, and the decoration effect is also very good. It can also be designed into double anti-counterfeiting packaging

(3) paper invisible bar code. This invisible barcode invisible medium is integrated with the paper after special photochemical treatment. It can not be peeled off. It can only be used for one-time use. Human eyes can not recognize it, nor can it be photographed or copied with visible light. During identification, only a scanner emitting a certain wavelength can be used to read the information in the barcode. At the same time, this scanner is also compatible with the general black-and-white barcode

through the above introduction, do you have a comprehensive understanding of the anti-counterfeiting technology of invisible bar code? For fake and shoddy goods, we must strictly control the production of merchants and improve the ability of consumers to identify genuine and fake goods. If you have other printing needs, you can go to the biyin market to find out.

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