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How to make the packaging effect drawing? There’s a picture!

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What software does this use? Specific steps, correct answer, reward, reward can be rich
there is no requirement to make the above pattern. It is a packaging effect drawing!!! Thank you!!!

generally, the packaging is done with isovector software. As for how to do it, it is nothing more than font layer. Draw curves and patterns with pen
if you want 3D, make pictures of each surface with PS, then map and render with 3DMAX

you can use Photoshop CS3 according to the actual proportion of the bag 0 for drawing, and the effect after the basic drawing is made (highlight, matting, color gradient, font effect, shadow, etc.) if you are interested, I can teach you

informal method: first build a model with 3D software, and then put the picture on it with ps
Formal Method: do it in 3D

landlord, some things can’t be done by giving points! Baidu can find the answer, but not only its own experience and technology, but also some things have to be learned and mastered by itself!

you are really good. Baidu wants to sell other people’s designs unless you are friends. That’s why the design is becoming more and more worthless

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