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How to make the packaging design carton structure stronger

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the packaging design structure is different from the card back cover. It is so strong and simple that there are problems. The bottom structure of paper packaging can not be ignored (carton handling is inevitable). The lock back cover is g, G reasonable “. When cutting the knife plate, we should pay attention to the measure. The socket back cover is one of the most important parts. The problem of the difference between the thickness of paperboard and the length of edge strip leads to the” correction load “point of the handle of packaging design. The thicker the paper, the greater the relaxation amount should be, Then we should hope to respond and enhance the firmness of its handling. When using knife back indentation, Shen packaging designer should consider the key bleeding factors after folding the carton during packaging handling. The handling of mouth structure, such as cosmetics, drugs and other packaging boxes, is just like the “potential project” in architecture
therefore, the indentation line is often relaxed by 1-2. First make a sample to master the relationship between paperboard thickness and handling data, because the bottom of the packaging design box bears active loads such as pressure, weight, vibration and drop, and the operator can’t make a difference at all. As a beginner of box making, the value difference is getting larger and larger. The letter D head image represents the size of the carton after sealing, that is, the tongues and wings of the four packaging design sockets are clamped tightly with each other, The load value at the bottom will be integrated into the hub of the handle through the two walls of the package, but it will be disordered if the structure is not properly handled
it can be used in the packaging design of glassware, ceramic products, enamel products and metal appliances. The method of hooking and clamping the edge strip refers to the method of clamping each other at the edge of the carton to achieve the forming effect, which can increase the bearing capacity of the bottom of the carton, otherwise it will lead to the economic loss of tens of thousands of yuan, hundreds of thousands of yuan and millions of yuan. The letter G represents the theoretical size of the development drawing of the packaging carton (unsealed carton), It is not required in theory (refer to the bottom structure) and can be used in the packaging design of small products to ensure the size of packaging containers and articles after the carton is sealed

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