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How to make the bar code in packaging design

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File menu, create a new blank document

Edit menu, insert barcode option

in the pop-up panel, the industry standard is EAN-13. Enter the first 12 digits of the commodity barcode, and the 13th digit will be automatically generated. Click next

in the pop-up panel, you only need to pay attention to the value of the bar code height, because the scaling scale of the vector image can be adjusted manually later. Set two groups of parameters as follows:

click next to set the default setting of parameters. As shown in the figure:

Click to generate the bar code corresponding to the number. The generation effects of the two groups of parameters in step 4 are as follows:

go to the industry and Commerce Department to apply for the barcode number, and then it will be generated by the software according to your barcode number when designing the packaging, so that it can be recognized by the card reader after printing.

Corel Draw is made. It is automatically generated. The width and spacing of each code are different

Corel Draw is automatically generated. It depends on the quality of Shenma code. Generally, it is code 39. This is the international standard code, that is, what you say upstairs represents China or that country and region, Code 128 depends on what you want to use
no matter what code quality you use, as long as you enter a string of codes (including Chinese, English, Arabic numerals and special symbols)
the generated barcodes are unique
if you want to read these barcodes
buy a barcode scanner

the bar code in the packaging design needs to obtain the bar code certificate, which can be handled only after the state permits. According to Article 6 of the measures for the administration of commodity bar code, producers, sellers and service providers who have obtained the business license and relevant legal qualification certificates according to law can apply for the registration of manufacturer identification code

the following materials shall be submitted:
1. The member registration form shall be filled in, printed and stamped with the official seal of the enterprise; 2. Duplicate and photocopy of business license or business license of enterprise legal person
3. Copy of remittance voucher
after applying for the manufacturer’s identification code, the enterprise will be issued with materials such as member certificate of China commodity bar code system, bar code card and user manual of China commodity bar code system members
how to handle bar codes

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