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How to make instant noodles by yourself

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there are many varieties of instant noodles. In the form of packaging, there are bagged noodles and cup noodles, etc; In terms of taste, there are soy sauce, salt, spicy, flavored and Hefeng noodles; In terms of manufacturing methods, there are fried and non fried. The production process of instant noodles is as follows: first, add 33% water into the flour, mix the noodles with the flour mixing machine, then press the noodles into dough pieces in the calender, and then cut them into noodles by the cutting machine. The cut noodles are sent to the cooking machine through the conveyor belt, cooked for 1-2min, and then treated with flavor. There are two kinds of flavour treatment: one is soaking method, the other is spray method two. The noodles after flavoring shall be cut into sections and divided into parts by the noodle cutter. The non fried instant noodles can be directly dried with 95 ℃ hot air. The fried instant noodles also need to be fried at 130 ~ 150 ℃. The tissue of fried instant noodles is porous, and its taste is better than that of hot air dried instant noodles
tools /raw materials
oil (appropriate)
flour (appropriate)
methods /steps
1 /5 step-by-step reading
selection of frying oil: try and compare refined palm oil, sesame oil, imitation cream and refined lard. Finally, select refined palm oil with low acid value and low cost as the oil for mass production. Palm oil is a vegetable oil containing unsaturated fatty acids, which can prevent cholesterol from depositing on the blood vessel wall, The food fried with palm has a delicate taste and light color. If peanut oil is added to palm oil, it can not only keep the light color of palm oil and have the characteristics of setting effect, but also eliminate the unpleasant smell and reduce the trouble in the production process

2 /5
improvement of soup taste: instant noodles are the main popular food. When developing soup formula, the principle is to respect the eating habits and hobbies of the people in the region. There are shrimp instant noodles, meat floss instant noodles, chicken chili sauce instant noodles and chicken juice instant noodles, but their taste is single, lack of freshness and heavy taste. Several seasonings are added to help freshness. On the basis of less increase in cost, the taste of the soup is greatly improved, the taste is pure and palatable, and good results are obtained

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selection of flour quality: the wheat flour used to produce instant noodles should contain more gluten. The method of matching different varieties of flour according to appropriate proportion and adding tackifier is adopted, which makes up for the defects between them, enhances the toughness and elasticity of flour, reduces the phenomenon of falling and breaking strips in the process of operation, and the gloss of the product is also ideal

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transportation: wooden cases or bamboo baskets are used for transportation

5 /5
storage: it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place and should not be stored in the same warehouse with articles with peculiar smell. Pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew proof, pest prevention and pollution prevention.
The noodles should be gradually lengthened through the steaming box for <2 minutes, and the noodles should be gradually lengthened through the steaming belt for <2 minutes
apply oil on the noodles
brush oil. I said why there is oil when eating instant noodles. It turns out that this is the way to apply oil to the noodles with a roller, so that the noodles will not stick together. The people who make instant noodles really admire you. My childhood grew up with aspects
after brushing the oil, we have to cut the flour into pieces. That is, the packaging we eat now has basically the same size and specifications. We have not found a problem. We have not seen a manual operation from mixing noodles to dough pieces, which shows that the production process in this aspect should be relatively clean and hygienic, unless there is a problem with the flour
single serving
this step is to pack all the instant noodles into a small leak net. It seems that it is going to be fried
frying link
sure, it is frying in the oil pan now, but I’m a little worried about what kind of oil this oil uses. It can’t be clean. Should it be fried all the time, or not after hundreds of pieces? Here we need to consider the
oil draining link
after frying, a mechanical arm will keep knocking on the filter screen to drain the excess oil and press the shape of instant noodles, that is, the kind of tortuous dough we call
cooling link
the instant noodles just out of the oil pan are still hot, so it is necessary to enter a large fan room to cool the dough to 35 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
the machine is checking the weight to see if it is qualified. Sometimes the machine will be lazy. This step-by-step operation really shocked me
inspection link
install an automatic weighing machine on the assembly line to check whether the weight of instant noodles meets the standard. The X-ray machine checks whether the instant noodles are mixed with metal or other strange things; Finally, manually check whether the shape of the instant noodles is normal
place the seasoning bag
wrap the seasoning on the top and the dough cake on the bottom. The combination of the two lines is the content of a bag of instant noodles. It is estimated that this formula will not leak out, because I have been a cook for more than 20 years, and I dare not guess how this material bag is made.

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