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How to make chocolate box

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Packing homemade chocolate
the best material is relatively simple and not difficult to buy

[tools /raw materials]

chocolate, cartoon newspaper, kraft paper, glue, punch, pink ribbon, buttons

[method /step]

1. Prepare main materials

2. Wrap the newspaper on the chocolate surface

3. Cut a piece of kraft paper into a square with a length of 6cm, and cut the edge into teeth. Cut out a cartoon newspaper 5cm long and 3cm wide for standby

4. Paste the newspaper in the middle of the kraft cardboard, fold it in half into the shape in the figure, and punch an empty hole in the upper left corner with a punch

5. Tie the card with a ribbon and decorate several small buttons on the other end of the chocolate

buy a color cardboard, choose your favorite solid geometry, fold it out, and add some patterns. OK. Drawings of solid geometry are available online.

Nestle’s ice cream “eighth power”
wash the finished shell

just use any colored paper

make it into a gift package, then it will be!

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