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How to get rid of carton laser coding

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is it the label type of coding? Apply a little cooling oil and other oil, and then wipe it with elephant skin

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 laser marking is a permanent mark. The working principle of the laser marking machine is to gather the laser at a very high energy density on the surface of the marked object, vaporize the material on the surface through burning and etching, and accurately burn and engrave the pattern or text by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam

 therefore, laser coding cannot be removed. Therefore, laser coding is more and more widely used in the field of product anti-counterfeiting. If your product is made of metal, the removal of a layer of surface will not affect the performance of the product. You can polish and polish the laser marks

 laser marking is generally engraved on the surface or inside of the product, and the marking font cannot be erased or changed


 the date of the packing bag is wrong, how can it be removed 


 generally, laser coding is permanent. If the date of the packaging bag is wrong, check whether the packaging bag can be replaced 

 if the package is stenciled, the following methods can be used: remove the stenciled date on the package, and the following methods can be used: 

1. Isoamyl acetate 

 isoamyl acetate, commonly known as banana water. It is mainly used as solvent and diluent for painting. Use a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of banana water to smear the spray code, and wipe it with a rag or paper towel

2. Dimethyl ketone 

 dimethylketone, also known as acetone, is mainly used as a solvent in industries such as explosives, plastics, rubber, fiber, tanning, grease, painting and so on. Use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to smear the code, which can also be wiped off

 note: banana water and acetone are highly volatile, flammable and irritating, so pay attention to ventilation and fire prevention during use 

 the ink of the inkjet printer is specially made. If you want to remove the inkjet date on the commodity package, you can try with the special cleaning agent or diluent of the inkjet printer, but some materials will corrode


 is this the answer

 is the code printer cleaner useful for laser code printing


 what I'm talking about is if it's Inkjet 

 laser coding is not clear 


 laser marking is a permanent mark, so laser marking cannot be removed

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