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How to distinguish the types of packaging?

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if you want to effectively distinguish the types of packaging, you must make a reasonable distinction according to the characteristics of products and packaging, so as to achieve a neat and regular distinction effect, which is very in line with the requirements of scientific and environmental protection

there are many things to pay attention to in the use of different products, so we must communicate and learn more with professional personnel to master the correct use methods and learn more from others. The following points need to be paid attention to

1. Respond in a timely manner during the conversation

first of all, we should know how to respond. If others say a lot of things with great interest and you don’t express anything, it will make people feel very embarrassed or boring. In this way, light words can only end hastily, and it won’t help your language communication. Therefore, we should respond to others in a timely manner when talking to others in peacetime

2. Communication attitude and respect each other

the attitude of communication is also very important. In communication, we should communicate with each other modestly and friendly, and respect each other during conversation. In the process of conversation, we should keep our body leaning forward, not leaning back, and not leaning the whole body on the chair, so that the whole person will appear lazy

3. Abandon your self-esteem when communicating

unnecessary self-esteem and pride will only become a stumbling block to communication. Therefore, at least give up your so-called self-esteem when communicating. Don’t say “my self-esteem doesn’t allow me…” this will only make communication impossible

4. Be honest with the person you are communicating with

in the process of communication, it is very important to be honest with the communication object. Don’t hide it. Honesty is an important step for you to deepen your cooperative relationship through communication. First of all, you can make the other party believe in yourself through your honesty, so as to drive the other party to be honest with you, so as to promote the smooth and happy progress of communication

5. State the reasons clearly

no matter what the problem is, why, how to do it, and what the reason is, you must fully explain to the other party. Even if you act without any reason, you must inform the other party of your own considerations and ideas, and get the other party’s understanding and action support, which is good for the development of communication and the development of the next situation.

1. Single package – the package that directly holds goods. Such as: steel barrel, plastic barrel and tank. The net weight shall not exceed 400kg and the volume shall not exceed 450L
2. Inner packaging – packaging in direct contact with materials; Packaging requiring outer packaging. (combined packaging)
3. Inner container – packaging in direct contact with materials; Containers requiring outer packaging. (composite packaging)
4. Composite packaging – an integral packaging composed of an outer packaging and an inner container. ≤ 400kg, ≤ 450L
5. Combined packaging – one or more inner packaging placed in one outer packaging (detachable) ≤ 400kg. For example, plastic cans are placed in wooden cases
6. Outer packaging – the external protection part of outer packaging and combined packaging and its adsorption, liner materials
7. Reusable packaging – the packaging for filling the same items, and the performance index before each use must meet the standard
8. Repair packaging – replace the packaging of some accessories. For example: barrel cover, gasket
9, recycled packaging – packaging with changed form. For example, 6ha1 is changed to 6ha2
10. Rescue packaging – packaging for damaged packages
11. Medium bulk container – suitable for rigid and flexible removable packaging with mechanical loading and unloading volume of 250L ~ 3000l
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packaging container is the product of the combination of packaging materials and modeling. Corrugated boxes, wooden cases, pallet collective packaging, containers and plastic turnover boxes are mainly included in the ranks of modern logistics packaging. They have their own characteristics in meeting the functions of commodity transportation packaging, and must be reasonably selected according to the actual needs
there are mainly four kinds of packing boxes:
1. Corrugated box
corrugated box is a box container made of corrugated board. According to the materials constituting corrugated boxes, there are corrugated boxes and calcium plastic corrugated boxes. According to the shape and structure of corrugated boxes, there are three kinds of corrugated boxes: folding corrugated boxes, fixed corrugated boxes and special-shaped corrugated boxes
2. Wooden case
wooden case is a kind of packaging container commonly used in the field of circulation, and its consumption is second only to corrugated case. Wooden cases mainly include wooden cases, frame plate cases and frame cases:
(1) wooden cases. Wooden box is generally used as a small transportation packaging container, which can carry a variety of items with different properties. As a transportation packaging container, wooden box has many advantages: it has the performance of anti-collision, collapse and puncture, has large compressive strength, can bear large load, easy to manufacture, etc. However, the box body of the wooden box is heavy and large, and it has no water resistance
(2) frame plate box. The frame board box is first made of strip wood and man-made board, and then assembled by nailing
(3) frame box. The frame box is composed of strips of wood with a certain section to form the framework of the box, which can also be covered with wood plates as needed. This kind of frame box has two forms: open frame box without wood cover and covered frame box with wood cover. Both frame boxes have solid frame structure, so they have good earthquake resistance and torsion resistance, large pressure resistance and large loading capacity
3. Pallet
pallet collective packaging is a packaging form that gathers several goods together and stacks them on the carrier pallet to form a large cargo. Pallet packaging is a kind of packaging produced to adapt to the mechanization of loading, unloading and handling operations
pallet aggregate packaging is an important kind of collective packaging. It is different from ordinary transportation packaging. It is in a state that can be transferred to motion at any time, so as to turn static goods into dynamic goods. From different perspectives, pallet collective packaging is not only a packaging method, but also a means of transportation and a packaging container. From the collection of small packaging units, it is a packaging method; From the point of view that it is suitable for transportation, it is a means of transportation; From its protection function for goods, it is also a kind of packaging container
4. Plastic boxes
are generally used as small transport packaging containers. Their advantages are: white weight and light, good corrosion resistance F, can load a variety of goods, strong overall strength and durability, meet the requirements of repeated use, and can be made into a variety of colors to facilitate the classification of loads and convenient hand handling
5. Container
large volume logistics and shipping equipment made of steel or aluminum, from the perspective of packaging, also belongs to a large packaging box, which can be classified into the category of transportation packaging. It is also a large-scale reusable packaging
delta packaging is a small wooden box made for Sany products
in fact, each kind of packaging has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of packaging function should be made according to the characteristics and protection of its own
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