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How to distinguish the quality of rose tea

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I. drinking:

if it tastes irritating, spicy or peculiar smell on the tongue, you need to buy it carefully. It may be smoked with sulfur

II. Smell:

smell the rose tea again. It is not smoked with sulfur. It smells natural rose fragrance with strong flower fragrance. The flower fragrance smoked with sulfur is very weak, with some sour or pungent smell

3. Packaging:

metal can packaging has excellent anti damage, moisture-proof and sealing performance. It is an ideal packaging for rose tea

4. Weight

when buying rose tea, you must first grab a handful of flower tea and weigh it, and carefully observe whether there are flower pieces, stems and broken pieces. Generally speaking, high-quality rose tea is relatively heavy, and there will be no stems, debris and other things; Inferior scented tea is light in weight and allows a small amount of impurities

extended data

rose tea can reduce fire and gas, nourish yin and beautify, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation and beautify, eliminate fatigue, heal wounds, protect liver and gastrointestinal function, and long-term drinking can also help promote metabolism

storage method:

1. Avoid light. Tea leaves are easy to cause color change and qualitative change when exposed to sunlight. When the tea stored in the white transparent glass bottle is exposed to the sun, a small amount of water contained will evaporate, causing the tea to return to moisture, turn yellow or have a musty taste. Therefore, the tea should be kept in a lightproof container

2. Prevent air escape. Tea should be divided into small portions and stored separately, taking as much as needed. If a large amount of tea is stored together and the cover is often opened for use, the aroma of tea will volatilize and lose its flavor, and the water in the air will enter, and the tea is easy to be damp and deteriorate

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Rose Tea

first look at the appearance
the color of good rose tea is purplish red, and the color of sulfur-containing rose tea is pink. The flower on the left in the picture is a very common supermarket flower with bright color. It is put in the weighing counter without any packaging. This kind of flower is sulfur-containing, so it is still bright after being put for a long time. The picture on the right shows the rose tea of Luoshi flower house I have been drinking. It has an outer package and an inner package. The inner package is an imported aluminum foil bag with strong sealing. The flowers are still as simple as the freshly baked flowers, and the color presents a natural purple red
note: the flower pattern cannot determine whether it is a good tea. Each flower is unique. After baking, the flower pattern may not be so good-looking and will not be preserved so completely, because the baked flowers are very fragile. In addition, there must be broken petals in the hands of customers after logistics and transportation. The pattern is well preserved. Please note that it may have been added with setting agent
second smell
the smell of good rose tea is pure rose fragrance, light. Sour rose tea will smell pungent, not the smell of roses
after brewing, good rose tea still tastes faint. (good rose tea has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing silt, so generally 1-2 roses a day is enough.) sour or poor rose tea tastes sour, not natural tea
Third, look at tea soup
any kind of tea is expected to meet someone who can awaken it. The appropriate temperature is one of the indispensable conditions and the most difficult to control (the most appropriate temperature for brewing rose tea is 80-90 degrees of water). With the brewing, the natural pigments and beneficial elements contained in the flowers will be released and dissolved in the water, and the color of the roses will fade, and the color of the tea soup will change from colorless to orange yellow. The color of sulfur or added pigment is pink, colorless or very light, which indicates that the tea is not very good
the fourth degree of foam resistance
good rose tea is very foam resistant. It can be brewed from morning to evening, and there is a faint aroma of tea. With the increase of brewing times, the tea soup changes from colorless to orange yellow, then to light orange yellow, and then to colorless. However, after being placed for one night, with the decomposition of nutrients in the tea, it will still turn orange yellow (overnight tea can’t be drunk, but you can wash your face and hands)

fifth oxidation and shelf life
pure natural rose tea is usually not sealed and will oxidize. There are also specified dates to drink it and can’t be put, For example, I have been drinking Luoshi rose tea. When I open the bag, I must seal it. I can’t take it out and put it in the tea pot, because the sealing effect of the tea pot is not very good and it is easy to oxidize. I can take it out for 2-3 days. It shouldn’t be too much. However, many rose teas are purplish red in shape and have good flowers. At first, you can’t judge whether they are a good tea. Take out some instructions that will oxidize when exposed to the air, indicating that antioxidants have not been added, and vice versa. Hope to adopt

a look: the color of good rose tea is maozi red or purple black; Sulfur containing rose tea is pink in color. See the picture

the former is natural sulfur-free rose tea, and the latter is sulfur-containing rose tea

second smell: good rose tea smells very strong; Sour rose tea smells almost no fragrance

three drinks: good rose tea makes you feel smooth and sweet; Sour rose tea tastes astringent, a little irritating and spicy

most of the online rose tea contain sulfur. It is recommended that you choose it before you buy it. Below 40. You don’t have to think about it

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 1. Look at the appearance 

 the color of good rose tea is purplish red, and the color of sour rose tea is pink. The common supermarket flowers are very bright in color. They are put in the weighing counter without any packaging. This kind of flowers contain sulfur, so they are still bright in color after being put for a long time. Rose tea of Luoshi flower house has outer packaging and inner packaging. The inner packaging is an imported aluminum foil bag with strong sealing. The flowers are still as simple as just baked flowers, and the color presents a natural purple red

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