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How to distinguish the quality of rose tea?

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v Don’t be afraid of small insects. Most herbal teas use less pesticides. When the temperature gets higher, small insects will hatch. These insects are eggs attached to herbal teas, which will hatch when the time comes. These insects do not hinder drinking. On the contrary, the flower tea that flies out of insects proves that people can feel more at ease without spraying pesticides or chemical fertilizers

VI Rose tea is not particularly convenient to eat, and the nutrients can not be completely absorbed by the human body. Now, with a rose ball, a rose ball has six roses. You can eat it if you want without brewing. It has a strong function of promoting qi and blood circulation, beauty and beauty. Long term consumption can make women’s face white and red, maintain youth and beauty, and give women the most considerate and meticulous care. When I buy it, I usually have to look at 1. The same size is artificial. If it is inconsistent, it means it is wild. It will be better if it is wild. 2. Some will have pigment. When I come here once, the rose is white. 3. It is normal to drink a little sour. Generally, the rose in Shandong is a little sour. It is recommended to match it with green tea in early spring. There are two kinds of rose tea: Purple Rose and pink rose,
In terms of curative effect, purple rose has no curative effect, while pink rose has such curative effects as regulating qi and relieving depression, harmonizing blood and dispersing blood stasis, resisting freckles and wrinkles, antifreeze, whitening and beautifying, regulating women’s physiological problems and eliminating work fatigue
in terms of color, if you don’t look carefully, you will feel that the two colors are the same, but if you look carefully, you will find that the color of pink rose is lighter

good or bad: the color of the petals is not old or scattered
what I want to answer & nbsp; Said by someone upstairs & nbsp; Hehe & nbsp; These are the curative effects

how to distinguish the quality of rose tea? Mainly judged by color, aroma, flavor, moisture, cleanliness and other items

Color: choose the one with complete flowers, large particles and a little luster. However, those with too bright colors should be carefully selected to prevent the addition of pigment. The color of the soup brewed from normal rose tea is light yellow; If the color of the first brewing rose tea fades quickly, or the color of the soup turns red, it is likely to be the addition of pigments and other substances

aroma: smell if there are other undesirable odors, and then put it under your nose for a deep smell. The aroma of flower tea with good quality rushes to your nose, but it doesn’t feel like it if the aroma is not strong, followed by its quality

cleanliness: when buying scented tea, first grab a handful of tea and weigh it, and carefully observe whether there are flower pieces, stems and broken pieces. High quality scented tea is heavy, and there should be no stems, crumbs and other things; Inferior scented tea is light in weight and allows a small amount of impurities

If you buy high-quality dry herbal tea raw materials, you must also pay attention to the correct preservation methods in order to maintain the color and flavor of herbal tea. Otherwise, once it deteriorates, it will hurt you both. The key point of preservation is to prevent moisture and odor

I Sealed pot, sealed pot is the best preservation vessel of herbal tea, which can avoid the deterioration of herbal tea due to moisture! (the raw materials of herbal tea sold on the market are often packed in cellophane bags, and most of the packaging is not airtight enough. If you want to keep herbal tea for a long time after you buy it back, you should change the cans for storage.)

II Fresh keeping box, placed in the fresh-keeping box, can be stacked for easy collection

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III Bag sealing. If you use the original bag, squeeze out the air and clamp it with a clip to keep it sealed

IV Place the herbal tea in a dry and cool place. If you drink it often, just put it in the drying cabinet for easy access. If you put it in the refrigerator, you can increase the storage time. Generally, it won’t have a problem for 2 years

1) it is better to use sealed ceramic pot to preserve flower and grass tea, which is moisture-proof, insect proof, odor proof and light proof. The jar can’t smell. Transparent sealed cans are best placed in storage cabinets

2) do not mix and store different kinds of herbal tea, otherwise it is easy to taste, especially those with heavy aroma, such as lavender

3) herbal teas of the same kind and purchased at different times should not be stored together, otherwise the loss of aroma will be accelerated

4) the preservation period of herbal tea is generally 1 ~ 2 years. The longer the storage time, the worse the color and aroma

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 1. Look at the appearance 

 the color of good rose tea is purplish red, and the color of sour rose tea is pink. The common supermarket flowers are very bright in color. They are put in the weighing counter without any packaging. This kind of flowers contain sulfur, so they are still bright in color after being put for a long time. Rose tea of Luoshi flower house has outer packaging and inner packaging. The inner packaging is an imported aluminum foil bag with strong sealing. The flowers are still as simple as just baked flowers, and the color presents a natural purple red

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