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How to distinguish packaging types

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is as follows:

1. Single packaging – the packaging that directly holds goods. Such as: steel barrel, plastic barrel and tank. Net weight not more than 400kg, volume not more than 450L

2. Inner packaging – packaging in direct contact with materials; Packaging requiring outer packaging. (combined packaging)

3. Inner container – packaging in direct contact with materials; Containers requiring outer packaging. (composite packaging)

4. Composite packaging – an integral packaging composed of an outer packaging and an inner container. ≤ 400kg, ≤ 450L

5. Combined packaging – one or more inner packaging placed in one outer packaging (detachable) ≤ 400kg. For example, plastic cans are placed in wooden cases

6. Outer packaging – external protection part of outer packaging and combined packaging and its adsorption, liner material

7. Reusable packaging – packaging for filling the same items. The performance indicators before each use must meet the standard

8. Repair packaging – replace the packaging of some accessories. For example: barrel cover, gasket

9, recycled packaging – packaging with changed form. For example, 6ha1 is changed to 6ha2

10. Rescue packaging – packaging for damaged packages

11. Medium bulk container – suitable for rigid and flexible removable packaging with mechanical loading and unloading volume of 250L ~ 3000l

12. Tank cabinet – tank container, road tank car and railway tank car. ≥ 450L

industry prospect

on March 14, 2011, the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development was officially announced and implemented. The outline proposes that the packaging industry should accelerate the development of advanced packaging equipment, new packaging materials and high-end packaging products

with the rapid development of China’s packaging industry, the role of packaging production in promoting national economic construction and improving people’s material and cultural life is becoming increasingly apparent. As an independent industry system, the development of packaging industry has been included in the national economic and social development plan

after a period of rapid development, China’s packaging industry has initially had a certain production scale, formed a relatively complete packaging industry system with complete categories such as materials, products, machinery, packaging and printing, design and scientific research, and has become an important part of China’s manufacturing industry. The packaging products with the highest annual output in China are corrugated board, plastic woven bags, composite flexible packaging and metal barrels, among which the output of corrugated board ranks second in the world

shape classification of packaging container: it can be divided into packaging box, packaging barrel, packaging bag, packaging bag, packaging basket, packaging bundle, packaging altar, packaging can, packaging cylinder, packaging bottle, etc. Classification of packaging materials: it can be divided into wood products packaging, paper products packaging, metal products packaging, glass packaging, ceramic products packaging and plastic products packaging. Classification of packaging goods: it can be divided into food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, light industrial product packaging, needle cotton fabric packaging, household appliance packaging, electromechanical product packaging, fruit and vegetable packaging, etc. Classification for the purpose of safety: it can be divided into general cargo packaging and dangerous cargo packaging.

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