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How to design packing box

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Hello, everyone. This issue introduces how to quote the packaging box. Compared with other product packaging boxes, it is more complex and involves many places that need manual intervention. It can’t be made by simply inputting the size or ticking like the picture album desk calendar and wall calendar. If you don’t understand this aspect or are not good at it, it doesn’t matter. This system can help you. There are design drawings on it for reference. It’s really convenient and intuitive

packaging boxes are divided into several categories: Double insert box, buckle bottom box, aircraft box, flat adhesive box, heaven and earth box and drawer box. They are different in manufacturing technology. This requires a certain printing foundation. For those we don’t understand, we can only provide some general requirements and ask others to be handled by the printing factory

first open the printing quotation network, enter the system, click the packing box, and you can see the following interface

before you do it, you should know what kind of packing box you want to make and what is double plug-in box? Let’s take a look at the expansion diagram of the double plug-in box

(as shown in the figure below):

the double plug-in box is more suitable for the packaging of some lighter products (such as the packaging of toothpaste boxes, cosmetics and other products). If you want to know more about the double plug-in box, you can search Baidu: what is the double socket packaging box

buckle bottom box the so-called buckle bottom box is a way of packaging: it means that the bottom of the box does not use adhesives, nails and other objects to fix and seal, but starts from the design and uses the folding of the box itself to buckle and intersect with each other to achieve the purpose of sealing the box at the bottom of the packaging box

aircraft box, named for its unfolded shape similar to aircraft, belongs to a branch of carton. It is the first choice for express packaging and delivery. It is made of corrugated paper. As shown in the following figure

flat adhesive boxes, such as moon cake boxes and high-end commodity packaging boxes. These

heaven and earth boxes are also called heaven and earth covers. They are widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift packaging boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes

If heaven and earth cover boxes can give people a sense of intuition, then drawer boxes can create a sense of mystery. It is said to be mysterious because people have an impulse to see its shape and can’t wait to pull it out to explore the “treasures” inside. It is very suitable for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging and electronic product packaging

therefore, different box types are used for different products and different needs. Selecting an appropriate packaging box type according to the product directly determines the performance of the packaging

after selecting the type, you need to define the detailed size. By default, the length, width and height refer to the size of the finished product, and the unfolded size on the right refers to the size of the box after unfolding. We can check it. If you modify the unfolded size, the system will automatically correct the size of the finished product. Is it convenient? Whether to unify the gluing position and width as paper grain. Here, it is set according to the size of the box. If it requires high quality and high strength, it must be checked. We don’t care about the printing method. It’s just ordinary printing. The material weight includes single copper white card, gray background, white background, etc. it is not described in detail here. If you don’t know, you can refer to other materials. There is a special introduction to paper. There are no special requirements for paper mounting materials and printing colors. It is good by default. Select the appropriate process for surface treatment. If the internal treatment is required, you can check it. The latter process is selected by default. We can also add several processes, such as bronzing, embossing and embossing UV

click the quote button to calculate the unit price of 0.410000, which is 4000 The more the quantity, the cheaper the unit price. Due to the complexity of the packing box, I will only briefly introduce it here, and pay attention to many details, which can not be generalized. You can consult experts and use this system to calculate the accurate price

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