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How to design drug packaging well?

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1. The text element of drug packaging design

text, as the most recognizable language, is widely used in packaging design. The words in drug packaging convey the name, function, usage, precautions and other information of drugs to consumers, which is the most important language in drug packaging design. Therefore, the use of words by designers needs careful selection, unique conception and reasonable arrangement, in order to achieve concise, eye-catching and beautiful results

2. Graphic elements of drug packaging design

the graphic design of drug packaging mainly uses the method of composition, using concrete graphics or abstract graphics to convey drug information. Generally speaking, western medicine mostly adopts abstract graphics. It uses points, lines and surfaces to create some product images with unique modern beauty by means of generalization, simplicity and novel composition, which can often give people a deep impression. For example, the American Sammy brand cough syrup has three green side face contour graphics on the pure white background, which symbolizes health and gives people a trustworthy and healthy psychological feeling. In short, the design and selection of graphic language must be related to the pharmaceutical characteristics, regional culture, aesthetic taste and fashion of drugs, and the individual creativity of visual art is indispensable

3. Color elements of drug packaging design

the color of drug packaging is the image color of the overall vision of drugs. Different colors represent different drug values and visual effects. It first attracts the attention of consumers and is the most influential factor in drug packaging design. It has great influence on the sales, publicity and The establishment of brand image plays a key role. In order to give full play to the role of color language, designers should reasonably select and use appropriate and effective colors on the premise of being familiar with the functions of drugs

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