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How to deal with the packaging box of purchased electronic products?

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“every time you buy a product that you have been interested in for a long time, you will always unpack it carefully, and then try to ensure that the packaging box is intact. After taking out the product, you can store it well. For example, the packaging boxes of digital products such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and speakers are reserved. After all, the effort spent on the packaging box of an excellent product is also worth appreciating.” But what is not good-looking must be thrown away, but we need to deal with it environmentally and recycle it! In order to dispose of e-waste or garbage boxes containing electronic products to the greatest extent, the first thing to do is recycling. In this regard, we still have a lot of room for improvement: only a small part of e-waste is concentrated and separated by formal enterprises specializing in e-waste disassembly, from which raw materials are obtained, and the generated hazardous waste is harmless treated, while a large part of e-waste is privately recycled and flows to small manual workshop disassembly plants. They manually decompose the waste, extract the useful metal of components, and throw away a large number of residues as ordinary domestic waste. It can be said that this recycling method not only has a low utilization rate of resources, but also greatly pollutes the environment. Therefore, we need a more effective recycling mechanism. The government should introduce some policies to encourage businesses to recycle waste electrical and electronic products, such as providing subsidies to these businesses, reducing the tax rate of these enterprises, and relaxing their water, electricity and carbon emission limits. At the same time, relevant departments should encourage people to take the initiative to hand over their e-waste to these formal enterprises for treatment, and consider giving them subsidies as appropriate when necessary. At present, the utilization rate of waste plastics in China is still very low. Most plastic wastes are directly buried, incinerated, or even irresponsibly discarded in the environment. Such treatment not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes resources. It is gratifying that we have developed such a technology to separate gasoline from plastics. In this way, we have not only solved the problem of e-waste, but also made effective use of resources, avoided pollution, and produced valuable products. It can be said to be a good way to kill more with one stone

antistatic sponge is the best packaging for high-end electronic products, because antistatic sponge is a dissipative material between conductive material and insulating material. Antistatic sponge is an environmental friendly material, which is suitable for the inner packaging of high-end products and plays a role in cushioning and shock absorption. Antistatic sponge not only protects electronic products and chips from general sponge, but also has anti-static function to protect electronic products from electrostatic damage. The anti-static packaging sponge has fine hand feel, strong resilience, long-term use, not easy to deform and smooth cutting. Packaging sponge plays the role of insulation, sealing, shockproof, dustproof, filling, sound insulation, fixation and beautification for products from all walks of life. Packing sponge is applicable to all telephone sets, mobile phones, computers, cosmetic gifts, speakers, toys, televisions, lighting, lithium-ion batteries, car recorders, gift boxes and other supporting products. Anti static sponge: it is processed by adding an appropriate amount of conductive materials into plastic. The hard type is used for inserting integrated circuit blocks, and the soft type is used for anti-static packaging. So if we encounter this kind of high-end electronic products, it’s better to keep the packaging box for collection

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