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How to choose wipes

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how to buy wet wipes – look at the ingredients

pay attention to the ingredients of baby wet wipes: the ingredients determine the quality of baby wet wipes. In order to achieve the moisturizing, moisturizing, sterilization and other effects required by the product, the added ingredients of various brands of wet wipes are also different. Some inferior brands of baby wet wipes will harm the baby. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the added ingredients on the product label when selecting. If the label is vague or the ingredients are not suitable, do not buy. In addition, you can also pay attention to some baby wipes evaluation and netizens’ evaluation, so as to obtain information about baby wipes

how to buy wet wipes – look at the tightness

pay attention to the tightness: when buying baby wet wipes, it also depends on the tightness of the product packaging. The package of bagged wet wipes shall be sealed without damage; The package of boxed and canned wipes shall also be complete without damage. Once the package is poorly sealed or damaged, bacteria will go deep into the wet towel, and the effectiveness of the sterilization and disinfection of the wet towel is high. In addition, after taking the wet towel, the sealing strip shall be pasted immediately to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will cause the wet towel to dry and affect the use effect

how to buy wet wipes – look at the hand feel and smell

pay attention to the hand feel and smell: different brands of baby wet wipes have great differences in hand feel and smell. Some wipes are dense, some are soft, some smell fragrant, and some have little smell. It is suggested that mothers choose soft and thick baby wipes, which are not easy to scratch or leave debris; Choose baby wipes without fragrance, so these wipes have less ingredients and less stimulation to the baby

how to buy wet wipes – look at the irritation

pay attention to the irritation: mothers should pay attention not to wipe the baby’s eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane directly with wet wipes. If the baby’s skin appears redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms after using baby wipes, it should be stopped immediately. If it is serious, it should go to the hospital for emergency treatment, and it is necessary to evaluate the irritation resistance of the baby’s skin to baby wipes, and then decide whether to choose other brands of baby wipes.

when choosing wet wipes, you should first understand the function and classification of wet wipes

classified by function, there are clean wet paper towels: the most widely used and easy to carry. It is not easy to wash and clean with water when going out. It is convenient to use and take them at any time; Makeup removing wet tissue: it has cleaning and moisturizing ingredients, which can remove makeup residues, supplement moisture and avoid dry lines on the face; Baby type wet tissue: added aloe, glycerin and other ingredients, mild in nature; The price of wet tissue is the cheapest for families; Toilet wet tissue: the relative cost is relatively high. The popular asshole paper on the market is mainly aimed at cleaning the anus after defecation, mainly for families with a high degree of cleanliness; Antibacterial wipes: with cleaning effect and silver ion, they can kill a variety of bacteria and viruses. They are mainly used for cleaning public places and families with high cleanliness
the category of wet wipes depends on the wet towel equipment, such as the size of processed wet wipes, the folding of wet wipes, and the number of packages of wet wipes; The function of wet wipes depends on the solution, and the formula of different solutions is different.

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