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How to choose the skill of packing carton

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how to accept the cartons of the carton packaging factory? The following is a simple method for inspecting packing cases provided by Changsha Hongfeng packing factory
I. The appearance and font are clear and tidy. It can be said that for carton packaging products, clear and tidy font packaging requirements for their appearance are the most basic requirements. Carton packaging products with qualified quality can often meet the corresponding quality requirements in terms of appearance, and all kinds of marks and words can meet the corresponding quality requirements
II. The appearance is well closed. As all kinds of carton packaging products are used for the packaging of related items, carton packaging products must have better sealing, so as to better protect the packaged products from all kinds of pollution and impact
III. the folding part of carton packaging products should be durable. It should be said that most carton packaging products with different materials will have folding places, which requires that such folding places of carton packaging products must be strong and durable and not easy to be damaged, so as to play a better role in packaging and product protection, which is also an important standard for the appearance requirements of carton packaging products
the above is the basic method for accepting cartons. For those with strict requirements and requiring professional equipment testing, we can only rely on professional institutions for testing. Of course, most of them can use this method to test the quality of cartons.

with the development of e-commerce industry, the use of packaging cartons has become an important packaging material. We are also different when receiving packages. We also have skills in selecting cartons. Next, Chengdu hengheli Packaging Co., Ltd. will show you how to choose

although the use of packaging cartons is used as packaging materials, their uses are still different. The packaged products are different, and the quality requirements are different. When purchasing, first determine the use, and make cartons of different quality according to the use needs, so as to ensure the quality of transportation, packaging and delivery

the manufacturing materials of packaging cartons for different purposes are also different. For example, corrugated cartons have three layers, five layers and seven layers. What kind of materials are selected according to the load-bearing of cartons. At this time, we should also observe whether the material is turbid, whether the material with impurities is relatively clean and whether the texture is strong

in addition to the above two points, it is also very important to check whether all indicators meet the standards. The side pressure and compression capacity of cartons are the test standards. Cartons that meet these standards are conducive to the use of cartons in all aspects

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