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How to choose the model of moon cake packaging machine

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it is recommended to use the kind of multi-functional machinery. I use it. I usually make mung bean sand cake, wife cake and other Mid Autumn Festival cakes. I agree to make moon cakes instead! One machine with multiple functions is very affordable, but this kind of machine needs to be reformed,. It is recommended to find a manufacturer of non-standard customized machines, because the machines sold by real manufacturers cannot meet the multi-purpose function of one machine. It is recommended to go to Bao’an District, Shenzhen & nbsp;, Opel packaging

we should consider the size of moon cakes and the packaging requirements of customers. Because customers make food, they can’t only make one product. They may also have mung bean cakes and so on

moon cake automatic packaging machine should be like this. You can also inflate and put deoxidizer

automatic moon cake packaging machine emblem video from: Youku

look at the picture. Packaging effect is good!

it depends on the size and width of the moon cake

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