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How to choose materials for packaging products

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because wine bottles are mostly made of glass, ceramics, pots and other materials Although it can guarantee the quality of wine, it is easy to break, so the wine box packaging must play a good supporting role for the wine bottle Commonly used supporting materials include cardboard, grey paperboard, MDF, etc In addition to the main supporting materials, high-grade wine box packaging usually uses high-grade tissue paper and silk fabrics with special effects In the process of structural material selection, attention should be paid not only to meet the transportation requirements and make the structure firm, but also to have the function of product display
2: structure shaping
if the target market of wine products is domestic, the anti-counterfeiting design of destructive structure should be paid attention to in wine box packaging Because wine products have high profits Counterfeiting and shoddy are prevalent, and wine box packaging should bear the important task of anti-counterfeiting; If the target market of wine products is abroad, the packaging box should pay more attention to the display design of special structure, and apply for a patent for the special design if necessary

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