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How to adjust the feeding speed of packing scale

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there are many parameters that must be set for the quantitative packaging scale. The following is an example of common key parameters: a. the quantitative value of the weighing display controller can be set as the quantitative target value, such as 50kg. b. Fast acceleration and slow acceleration. When weight & gt; (set value) – (advance of fast acceleration), stop fast acceleration and switch to slow acceleration; When weight & gt; (set value) – (advance of slow charging), stop charging

Hello, you mean fast and slow feeding, that is: fast feeding (feeding), slow feeding (feeding)
some weighing controllers are also called: fast feeding (feeding), slow feeding (feeding), etc.
the feeding of general weighing controllers has three outputs, namely fast, medium and slow
the whole feeding and weighing process is completed by three outputs in turn. Controlling how many kilograms each of the three routes works depends on the three quantities of “fast plus advance”, “medium plus advance” and “slow plus advance”
therefore, it may not help you directly, because the setting method of the weighing controller produced by each manufacturer is different. It needs to be clear that it is OK to adjust the above three advance quantities. If you don’t understand the advance quantity, you can search its usage.

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