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How much is an automatic liquid filling machine?

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Water sample liquid, about 60 bottles /min.

the price of the full-automatic liquid filling machine is not only related to the output, but also knows the bottle capacity, sealing form (such as capping, capping and thread rolling), whether there are other customization requirements, etc; Moreover, the manufacturing process level of each manufacturer is also uneven. At present, the fully automatic liquid filling machine (haochao), which is well done on the market, needs more than 100000 for the 10-20ml rotary rolling cap according to the output of 60 bottles /min. the specific quotation depends on the final filling scheme.

automatic oral liquid filling machine & nbsp; 60 bottles per minute filling range 10-30ml the machine occupies a small area and is easy to operate and maintain

34300 yuan for 200ml

you need to choose a suitable liquid filling machine according to your output and demand. You can come to the factory to have a look at the machine or test the machine with incoming materials

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