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How much is a ton of ordinary paper?

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white printing paper such as double offset paper and light paper costs about 8000 yuan per ton, newsprint costs about 5000 yuan per ton, and carton board costs about 4000 yuan per ton, which is also related to the specific needs of customers

the prices of cultural paper and packaging paper have increased simultaneously. Since May, major domestic cultural paper enterprises and traders have issued several price increase letters, of which the price of cultural paper has generally increased by 200 yuan /ton and that of white cardboard has reached 1000 yuan /ton. The owner of a printing shop in Beijing said that the white cardboard used to be 6500 yuan /ton, but now it is 13000 yuan /ton and 14000 yuan /ton. His profit has been reduced by almost 30%. In this round of price rise, a number of paper enterprises reported bright results in the first quarter

chemical composition of raw materials & nbsp; Plant fiber mainly contains:

1, cellulose

in cotton, the content of cellulose is more than 90%; Wood, reed and silver reed also contain 40 ~ 50% cellulose. From the perspective of papermaking, we should try our best to retain cellulose in the pulping process in order to improve the pulp yield and paper strength

2. Hemicellulose

in plant fiber raw materials, the content of hemicellulose in hardwood and grass raw materials can be as high as about 30%; In coniferous wood, it generally contains only about 20%; Less in cotton. In order to improve the pulping yield and paper strength, some hemicellulose should be retained as much as possible in the pulping process

3. Lignin

in coniferous wood, lignin content accounts for about 30%, while grass raw materials generally contain about 20%, while cotton and flax do not contain lignin

chemical pulping is to use chemicals to dissolve part of the bonding materials between cells and separate the fibers into pulp. The more lignin in raw materials, the more difficult pulping is and the more chemicals to be consumed

secondary components: in addition to the three main components of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin, ash, etc. The content in commonly used raw materials is not large, which will not cause too much difficulty to papermaking. However, if the content is too high, corresponding measures must be taken to remove some papers with special requirements

Refer to Baidu Encyclopedia & nbsp; Paper, Phoenix & nbsp; Paper prices have soared and paper mills have stopped production

there are too many kinds of paper. At present, double offset paper, light paper and other white printing paper are about 8000 yuan per ton, newsprint is about 5000 yuan per ton, and carton paper is about 4000 yuan per ton, which is also related to the specific needs of customers.

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