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How much is a tea packing machine? What are the functions?

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Shanghai tingcheng Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. & nbsp; The price is about 50000-60000

tc-18-ii inner and outer bag hanging line hanging label bag tea making packaging machine

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Shanghai tingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

address: 4th floor, No. 215, Shengang road

main performance:

this machine is a new type of heat sealing, multi-functional and automatic tea bag beverage packaging equipment. The main feature of the machine is that the inner and outer bags are formed at one time, which avoids the direct contact between hands and materials and improves the efficiency. The inner bag is filter cotton paper, which can be automatically wired and labeled, and the outer bag is composite paper. Its biggest advantage is that the labeling and outer bag can adopt photoelectric positioning, and the packaging capacity, inner bag, outer bag and label can be adjusted arbitrarily. The size of inner and outer bags can be adjusted according to the different needs of users, so as to achieve the most ideal packaging effect, improve the appearance grade of products and enhance the value of products

scope of application:

this machine is suitable for one-time packaging of small particles such as tea, medicinal tea and health tea

packaging materials:

paper /plastic, plastic /plastic, plastic /aluminum /plastic, paper /aluminum /plastic, filter cotton paper, cotton thread, label paper

performance parameters:

packaging capacity 1-15ml

packaging speed 35-60 bags /min

label size Width: 40-55mm & nbsp; Length: 20-24mm

line & nbsp& nbsp; long 155mm

& nbsp& nbsp; bag Width: 50-80mm & nbsp; Length: 50-100mm

outer & nbsp& nbsp; bag Width: 70-110mm & nbsp; Length: 80-130mm

Electric & nbsp& nbsp; source 220V /50Hz /3.6kw

overall dimension (L × W × H)1200 × nine hundred × 1900mm

machine weight 500Kg

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