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How much is a set of sweet potato noodle machine and automatic vermicelli noodle machine

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Hello, there are many models of sweet potato noodle machine, different models, different prices and different efficiency. In general, the price of small sweet potato noodle machine is about 9800-12000, the price of medium sweet potato noodle machine is 21800-31800, and the price of large sweet potato noodle machine is more than 40000.

I. steam extrusion noodle machine

operator: 2-3 persons, single machine
multiple machines, each with 1 person

1. Product Name: 6ft series noodle machine

2. Process flow: sweet potato starch – mixing and sizing – feeding – powder leakage into the machine – loose powder – drying (drying) – Packaging:

3. Suitable objects: starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, banana taro starch, fern root starch

starch raw materials such as wheat starch, corn starch, bean starch, lotus root powder and various mixed starches:

4. Finished products: vermicelli, vermicelli, taro powder, pearl powder, etc.

5. Advantages of the equipment: alum and any additives are not needed, and the finished products are crystal clear, boiling and foaming resistant, do not paste soup, continuous strips, weak and strong taste, and the equipment operates stably It has the advantages of simple operation, small investment and quick effect. It is suitable for making noodles with all kinds of starch and mixed starch

6. Equipment disadvantages: the water absorption is greater than that of the leaky ladle type. The first time you eat it after cooking, the taste is strong and soft, and the vermicelli tastes better than that of the leaky ladle type, but the water absorption is greater, and the gluten of the vermicelli is poor in the next hot dish

7. Purchase objects: sweet potato noodle enterprises, convenient vermicelli enterprises, Longkou vermicelli enterprises, small farmers for use and external processing, manufacturers of taro flour and potato peel:

(this equipment does not need to add the advantage of alum, and most of the flour products entering the supermarket are produced by 6ft series vermicelli machines)

8 Machine principle: after the starch and water are evenly adjusted in proportion, they are sent to the feeding port of the noodle machine, and the powder is extruded to the leakage plate of the noodle through the screw propulsion device. The boiling water in the body water tank cooks the inner pipe of the noodle machine, so that the noodle can be mature in the screw propulsion. The unique double screw adopted by our factory is more conducive to the ripening of the noodle vermicelli. The vermicelli machine adopts water temperature heating to reduce the excessive ripening of low-temperature ripened potato starch. The water temperature heating can evenly ripen the starch flowing in the spiral track. The quality of the products produced by the steam vermicelli machine mainly determines the distance and depth between the spirals in the spiral shaft. The pitch determines the ripening degree. The variable pitch pitch can increase the degree of extrusion after the starch paste is mature:

9. Equipment accessories: powder leakage grinding tool (template) Special head for flour, special head for vermicelli, Sichuan flour machine head, taro flour machine head, no scrubbing machine head: (two round templates (optional) and vermicelli machine head are equipped with vermicelli machine head)

10. Supporting equipment: mixer, feeding machine, gear pump, vermicelli fixed length cutting machine, etc.: remarks: select machinery

11 Equipment list:


processing capacity (kg)

power (kw)

heating consumption


100kg /h


7KW /h


200kg /h


9kw /h

12. Manufacturer: Ruyang Gucheng Machinery Factory

remarks: one machine can be used for machining vermicelli, which can be processed with less 2-3 people, and has wide applicability. Easy to operate. Small investment and high income. I hope that the majority of farmers and laid-off workers will embark on the road to prosperity

II. Imitation manual noodle machine

operator: 200kg /h 6-8 people, 500kg /h 5-7 people

1. Product Name: semi-automatic leaky ladle noodle machine

2. Process flow: sweet potato starch – pasting – mixing – kneading – leaky wire forming – boiling powder boiling – cooling powder fishing – upper rod freezing – powder dispersing – drying (drying):

3. Suitable objects: sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, banana taro starch Pea starch and corn, wheat and other starch mixed with potato: (most starch with strong viscosity is required for mixing)

4. Finished products: vermicelli, Sichuan flour and flour peel:

5. Equipment advantages: the production process of the equipment is consistent with that of manual production of vermicelli. The whole production process is machinery instead of manpower. The quality of vermicelli determines the operator’s mastery of the content of air in thicken and dough:

6 Equipment disadvantages: alum needs to be added, the process is cumbersome, the use of manpower is more, and the operation technology is more complex:

7. Purchase objects: sweet potato noodle production enterprises, cassava mixed starch production enterprises, farmers’ homes: (it is not suitable for external processing, the starch quality requirements are high, and the starch raw materials for incoming processing cannot be determined)

8. Supporting equipment: thicken machine, push basin machine, dough mixing machine, hammer ladle machine, powder washing machine, preheating pot Automatic ladle feeding machine, ladle, etc.

9. Mechanical principle: the production process of leaky ladle noodle machine is completed by three kinds of equipment: basin pusher, dough mixer and hammer ladle machine. We take the 500kg equipment as an example, first put the broken noodle or starch into the thickener, and then put it into the parallel bar and noodle machine according to the proportion of 4-6 kg of starch per 100 kg of starch (the amount of thickened paste depends on the quality of starch), After the dough synthesized by the dough mixing machine is patted to non stick hands, the automatic feeding device is opened to feed the basin pushing machine after lifting the self flowing degree. The basin pushing machine is composed of mixing and pressing the surface, which is mainly used to knead the air in the dough. The exhaust degree of the dough can be adjusted. After the dough reaches the required standard, it will automatically flow from the discharge port to the lifting ladle filling machine to feed the hammer ladle machine. After the hammer ladle machine is hammered by vibration, the powder strips will be put into the pot, After entering the boiling water, the vermicelli will mature, and when it comes to the surface, after a certain color, the vermicelli can be taken out by the rotor for cooling, and then the powder hanging rod can be used:

10. Equipment list:



mechanical model


small group

400 kg /h

basin pusher, dough mixer, hammer ladle machine

large group

1000 kg /h

thicken machine, basin pusher Flour mixing machine, hammer ladle machine, powder washing machine, preheating pot, automatic ladle feeding machine, etc.

11. Manufacturer: Ruyang Gucheng Machinery Factory

remarks: it takes up a lot of personnel and has high labor intensity. The operation of the equipment is complicated. It is better to have some production experience when purchasing this set of equipment. The customers who choose this set of equipment must give a certain time to cultivate a master of harmony. If they are in time for delivery, it is better to choose 6ft series noodle equipment, with simp
le production technology and operation

III. chain steam pot noodle machine

operators: 4-6 people, single group

1 Product Name: steam pot noodle machine
leaky ladle noodle production line

2. Process flow: sweet potato starch – thicken – automatic feeding – mixing noodles – vacuum pumping – ladle under rotating leaf vibration – chain drive cooking – transmission cooling – cutting and powder dialing – normal temperature aging – frozen loose powder – dry packaging

3. Suitable objects: sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, banana taro starch, pea starch, etc., as well as corn mixed with potato Starch such as wheat: (most starch with strong viscosity is required for mixing)

4. Finished products: vermicelli, Sichuan flour and vermicelli:

5. Equipment advantages: vermicelli has large production capacity, high degree of automation, transparent and uniform appearance, and alum can not be added:

6. Equipment disadvantages: equipment consumption is large, with evacuation, and the taste of vermicelli is not stiff. The disadvantage of the equipment is that the vermicelli is too hard after evacuation, and the cooking time is short and hard, The flexibility of vermicelli is reduced after long use, which is not suitable for small-scale processing:

7. Equipment list: (1) thickening machine (2) automatic starch feeding machine (3) working table of thickening machine (4) double Jiaolong combined dough machine (5) stainless steel vacuum machine (6) vacuum pump Hollow tank assembly (7) stainless steel rotary blade vibrating ladle machine (8) stainless steel air cooker (9) transmission cooling belt (10) water malt powder tank (11) powder drying belt (12) automatic strip cutting and strip pulling machine (13) stainless steel water tank (14) Combined dough is the worktable

8. Purchase object: Potato Starch Noodle enterprises and medium and large-scale noodle production enterprises:

9. Mechanical principle: the production process of steam chain pot noodle machine is roughly similar to that of semi-automatic leaky ladle type, but the whole production process is replaced by machinery, and the labor intensity is less than that of semi-automatic leaky ladle type. The whole production process starts with thickening paste, After beating, the thicken paste is introduced into the first mixing bin of the combined mixing machine and fed into the mixing tank by the feeding machine. After two or three layers of mixing, the finished dough is extracted by the evacuation machine and flows into the leaky ladle machine (the evacuation machine is the key to not adding alum, but the quality of the powdered dough after evacuation decreases). The leaky shaped powdered dough enters the steam pot, and the powdered dough is slowly transmitted to maturity with the steam pot and the stainless steel mesh belt at the bottom, The mature vermicelli are sent to the cooling conveyor belt. After rain water cooling, they are washed by the malt powder tank (malt powder helps to open the powder), and then sent to the fixed length strip cutting part by the conveyor belt, cut into the required length of vermicelli, and then transferred to the workbench by the strip pulling machine from the conveyor belt. Subsequently, the manual hanging rod aging is required, and the whole production process is over

10. Equipment list


processing capacity (kg)

total power (kw)

coal consumption

steam boiler type a

800-1000kg /h


40-60kg /h

steam boiler type B

1200-1500kg /h


60-80kg /h

11. Manufacturer: Ruyang Gucheng Machinery Factory

remarks: there is evacuation in the production process, The vermicelli is relatively stiff, not as ideal as the first two kinds of equipment, but the production capacity is large. Removing the vacuum part and replacing it with a multi-stage kneading machine will reduce the production capacity and consume too much energy.

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the funds to be prepared for the purchase of a complete set of sweet potato noodle processing equipment generally include capital construction, equipment and working capital. The price is affected by output, technology and material, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions& nbsp;

this data is from Baidu map, and the final result is subject to the latest data of Baidu map

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