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How much is a noodle machine? How to choose?

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automatic commercial small noodle machine, fresh noodle machine, electric noodle press, multi-functional noodle making machine is about 200 yuan, and multi-functional full-automatic large noodle machine is about 4000 yuan

noodle machine needs to be divided into home version and factory version. The size of home version noodle machine is small, while the size of factory version noodle machine is large, so we should buy it according to our own needs

pay attention to whether the noodle machine is electric or manual. The electric one is relatively fast, but it may produce large noise, and the manual noise is basically very small. When choosing a noodle machine, you also need to pay attention to whether the noodle machine is easy to clean

extended data:

the working principle of the noodle machine is to extrude the flour through the relative rotation of the flour roller to form the dough, and then cut the dough through the front head cutting knife to form the noodles

the shape of noodles depends on the specification of the cutting knife. All models can be equipped with cutting knives of different specifications. Therefore, one machine can make noodles of various specifications after changing the cutting knives of different specifications

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – noodle machine

how much is a noodle machine? When you come into contact with this problem, Xiaobian can’t give you accurate and appropriate figures, because noodle machines can be classified in detail, including manual noodle machines, full-automatic noodle machines, one-time noodle machines and other different types of products. Naturally, the functions and prices of noodle machines are completely different. In addition, According to the difference of brand or other aspects of purchase, the price of noodle machine will also vary greatly. Next, let’s learn about the price of representative noodle machine with Xiaobian, so as to help you gain satisfactory purchase results

1. How much is a noodle machine?

1. Price: ¥ 200.00/set

automatic commercial small noodle machine fresh noodle machine electric noodle press multi-functional noodle machine manufacturer direct sales

manufacturer: Renxian Fenghong Machinery Factory

2. Price: ¥ 3800.00

multi-functional full-automatic large noodle machine & nbsp; Large dumpling skin noodle press & nbsp; Fresh noodle machine one-time forming vermicelli

manufacturer: Xingtai ruining Machinery Factory

3. Price: ¥ 520.00

Xingpu brand vermicelli machine full-automatic large-scale noodle machine noodle pressing machine commercial fresh noodle machine support

manufacturer: Renxian Kaitai Machinery Factory

the above prices are for reference only

2. How to choose noodle machine

1 Listen to the working noise to judge the quality of the internal mixing rod

generally, the sound is lower, the material of the mixing rod is good, and the working noise of the household small noodle machine should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the quality of life of the family and the neighborhood relationship. The key to determine the working noise is the production quality of the internal mixing rod. The noise caused by the use of ordinary stainless steel is the largest. Generally, the noise should not exceed the volume of the soybean milk machine

2. See the noodle efficiency

the appearance time performance of household small noodle machine is the primary index to measure the quality of noodle machine. Because the general household noodle machine can not bear the torque when noodles appear, the power is generally small and the appearance time is the longest. When purchasing, try to choose one that can withstand large torque and has a short appearance time

3. See whether the materials and workmanship are solid

if we can’t see the internal accessories of the small noodle machine, we can know one or two through the materials and workmanship of the appearance of the equipment. The appearance of the domestic noodle machine should be neat. If the surface is rough and there are many burrs, the quality is poor, and the material thickness of the heat dissipation window should not be too thin

4. See whether the operation design is reasonable and whether the use and cleaning are simple and convenient

users of household small noodle machine do not need the cumbersome instrument panel of industrial oil press. The simpler the operation, the better. Since the use of domestic oil press is generally not used every day, it is also very important whether it is convenient to clean after each use

5. See whether the brand and after-sales service are formal and perfect

there are many brands of household small noodle machines in the market, and there are mainly two or three leading brands. Choosing a well-known oil press brand has better after-sales and maintenance services. In case of equipment and operation problems, communicate and solve them in time

the above example is about the price of noodle machines. From this, we can know that the price of noodle machines around us varies greatly. We should determine a satisfactory one according to their function or use performance. In addition, qualified noodle machines can not only be used to make pastries, but also support you to add various vegetables and fruits for personalized customization, Moreover, according to the small noodle machine used in the family or the large noodle machine used in the factory, the products we should purchase are completely different. We should refer to the suggestions of the representative noodle machine production company mentioned above in order to achieve satisfactory results

1. The prices of noodle machines are household and commercial. The prices of different noodle machines are different. We can go online to see the prices of noodle machines, such as 1688. Changle has many noodle machines. 2. Buy noodle machine to see the quality, performance and after-sales of the machine. Only by buying a safe and easy-to-use machine can you be handy in production. Don’t be greedy for cheap to buy cheap machines, so that after-sales production can not be guaranteed!

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