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How many members can Hubei industry association be established

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generally, trade associations can be established when the membership of the association reaches 20.

six to eight initiating units must include units in three prefectures and cities. For example, six initiating units must come from at least three cities, submit an application for the approval of the establishment of XXXX Association, prepare a feasibility report, select the category and classification code of your industry in the national economy industry classification code 2011, business scope, membership subject industry book, industry turnover, number of enterprises, etc. the initiating unit must be a large enterprise with certain influence, It will become materials. Secondly, it is necessary to submit the introduction strength of the sponsor or the sponsor. The total output value of the employed person, the turnover and tax amount of the enterprise in the past two years, the introduction and seal of the company, together with a copy of the business license and seal, and provide two contact information to apply for 50 after establishment

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