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How long is the shelf life of green tea?

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Hello, under the condition of good storage, green tea will be fine for one year or even longer, because tea is a seasonal product. It is called old tea as soon as the tea season comes. In fact, old tea is not bad. Some people buy some old tea first when they produce new tea. However, how tea is preserved will change in taste and color more or less.

the shelf life of tea with different processing technologies is different: 1. Green tea is generally 1-2 years; 2. Pu’er, black tea and other fermented tea, the longer the preservation time, the better the quality. There is no shelf life. It is stored in a cool place; 3. Tieguanyin and oolong tea are generally 2-3 years, and low temperature preservation is better.

if it is well preserved, there will be no problem for 2 or 3 years
it’s better to freeze green tea in vacuum. Don’t put it with things with peculiar smell.

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