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How long does the design of the packing box take?

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the design time of the packaging box is determined by the following aspects:

whether the theme style of the packaging is a new packaging design or a series of designs whose style has been determined

design process. Collect materials, inspiration, etc. and confirm several schemes

modification process. Repeatedly discuss and modify with customers until they are satisfied

summary: generally, the design of brand-new packaging box takes about 15 days. Depending on the requirements of customers, it is possible for 20 days or a month. If it is a new packing box design in a series, it is generally completed in about 10 days, which is 3 days faster

it depends on the degree of design. Of course, on the one hand, it depends on the designer’s inspiration. It’s uncertain. If you place an order for others,

they will give the time

if you design by yourself, the general time is about 1-7 days. Why there is so much difference in the middle depends on your requirements.

the design of the packing box also depends on your requirements and the designer’s inspiration. Last time I packed in Yongtong, I helped me finish it in a week

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