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How does Coca Cola make a customized version?

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I want bottled, not canned

you can customize it on Taobao

you can find someone who designs the VI design to design the label, and come back and paste

Taobao can be customized

“custom” originated from Saville street, which means tailor-made for individual customers. Saville street is a shopping district in Mayfair, central London. It is famous for the traditional custom men’s clothing industry. With the development of the times, the meaning of the word “customization” has been gradually enriched, such as customized clothing, gifts, and even customized skin color and customized vegetables, which caters to people’s psychology of pursuing quality and personality. Customization is the real personalized consumption. Among the “top ten technologies to change the future” predicted by the United States, “personalized customization” is ranked first, and its market position is increasingly recognized by people
Coca Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886. Since then, it has blended with social development and inspired innovation. These historical moments unfolded in turn are wonderful and have achieved the centennial legend of this global brand
at present, 1.7 billion consumers around the world drink Coca Cola products every day. About 19400 bottles of drinks are sold every second, making it the world’s largest beverage manufacturer. Its main competitor is Pepsi Cola.

Taobao Search: Bottled Coca Cola can be customized, and businesses that can provide this service can be searched.


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