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How did you get the film on this guitar

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How did you get the plastic film on this guitar? Is there a special machine for this? What is called? PS: what equipment did you use to get this film? It’s not the original packaging

this is produced by a coating factory that processes on behalf of or cooperates with the original factory. This kind of machine is called the body coating machine. After heating and softening, the body packaging film is covered on the product and the bottom plate. At the same time, vacuum suction is enabled under the bottom plate to form the body coating according to the product shape and paste it on the bottom plate (color printing paper card, corrugated board or bubble cloth, etc.). After packaging, the product is tightly wrapped and bound between the body film and the bottom plate. It is used for commercial elevator visual display packaging or industrial shockproof protection packaging, with good sealing and protection It can effectively prevent moisture, dust and shock.

this is made with a plastic sealing machine!

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