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How can the down jacket taken out from the vacuum compression bag become flat and wrinkle free?

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After drying twice, it’s still wrinkled. After all, it’s been stored in a vacuum compression bag for several months. Do you need to iron it? I’m afraid of damage, thank you!

tools /raw materials: hair dryer

1. Lay down the down jacket, as shown in the figure below

2. Use a hair dryer to blow on the surface of the down jacket. (note that the distance should not be too close)

3. Look at the effect. The down jacket will become fluffy after blowing, as shown in the figure below

extended data

daily maintenance

compressed storage for a long time will reduce the fluffy degree of the down jacket. At this time, you can wear it on your body or hang it and pat it gently to restore the fluffy degree of the down. Don’t get close to the flame in the down jacket, especially near the field campfire. Please pay attention to Mars. If there is down accidentally drilling out at the joint, don’t pull the down hard, Because better down jackets are made of high-quality down with large down blossoms, pulling them out will damage the down resistance of the fabric

the correct way is to grasp the down across the fabric in the opposite direction and pull the down back to the inner side of the fabric. Some people will be allergic to down. In case of allergy, stop wearing down clothes and seek medical treatment in time. Some down clothes use fabrics with waterproof or anti splash function, but since down clothes are mainly aimed at the characteristics of solid water (snow and ice), The down jacket is not glued at the seams and cannot be completely waterproof

therefore, do not wear small holes directly in the down jacket or down clothes under the medium and high intensity rainwater environment. You can find the same nail polish or colorless nail polish with the same color as the down coat and lightly coat them. The hole will be sealed and the down will not be drilled. p>

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – down jacket

make the down jacket taken out of the vacuum compression bag flat and wrinkle free. You can use a thick wool Qian “whip” to make the down fluffy and the down jacket becomes flat. The wrinkle problem of the outer layer of the down jacket will not be as serious as expected, because the material on the surface of the down jacket is special, crisp and not easy to wrinkle. At this time, with the swelling and stretching of the down, it will not wrinkle and be smoother. It can be restored to the state before storage. Suitable for wearing.

cover the clothes with a clean cloth and iron them with a steam iron. Be careful not to adjust the temperature too high to avoid damage.

just knock with a small stick

just bask in the sun

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