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How are the product packaging boxes designed? No clue?

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I. design
many packaging box designs are designed by enterprises or customers themselves or specially designed by design companies in advance. Because design is the foundation, what kind of pattern, size, structure and color customers want. At the same time, the packaging box printing factory will also provide services designed for customers
Second, proofing
for the first time to customize the printing packaging box, digital proofing is usually required, and rigorous design sometimes even needs to be proofed on the printing machine. Because when making digital samples again, it is possible that the color of digital samples may be different from that of digital samples during mass printing, and the printing machine can ensure that the color of mass production is consistent
III. after the publication
proofing is determined, the normal production can be carried out in batches. In fact, this is the first step for the production of packaging and printing plants. The color process of color boxes is very beautiful, so the published edition colors are also diverse. Many color boxes have not only four basic colors, but also spot colors, such as special red, special blue and black, Yes, it is different from the normal four colors. Several colors are several PS printing plates, and the spot color is a unique one
IV. paper materials
the selection of color box packaging materials has been determined during proofing. Here are the types of paper used for packaging box printing and production
1. Single copper paper, also known as white cardboard, is suitable for color box, packaging box and single box printing. The general gram weight is 250-400g, commonly used
2. Coated paper uses coated paper as packaging box, which is generally used as mounting paper. That is, coated paper prints patterns and then mounts them on gray paper or wooden boxes. It is generally suitable for hardcover box packaging
3. Whiteboard paper whiteboard paper is a kind of paper with one side white and one side gray. It can be used to print patterns on the white side. It can be used as a single box, and some use mounted pit cartons. There is no more explanation for the paper here
v. printing
the printing process of color box packaging box is very demanding. The most taboo is color difference, ink dot, inaccurate overprint of needle position, scratch and other problems, which will also bring trouble to post press processing
VI. printing surface treatment
surface treatment. Common color box packaging boxes are gloss glue, matte glue, UV, gloss oil, matte oil and bronzing
VII. Die cutting molding
die cutting molding is also called “beer” in the packaging and printing industry. It is an important link and the last link in the post press processing process. If it is not done well, the previous efforts will be wasted. For die cutting molding, pay attention to the indentation, do not burst the line, and do not die cut inaccurately
VIII. Bonding
many color boxes need to be bonded with glue, and some special structure boxes do not need to be bonded, such as aircraft boxes and heaven and earth covers. After bonding, it can be packaged and shipped through quality inspection
I’ll share with you how to make a beautiful packing box. If you are interested in page layout, website design and graphics processing, I hope this article can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about graphic design materials and skills, you can click other articles on this site to learn.

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