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How about Shandong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: Shandong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Jining Economic Development Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province. The company is conveniently located, 6km away from the expressway, 12km away from the airport and 12km away from the railway station. The railway transportation can reach the whole country
Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern science and technology enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has GMP standard workshop and QS certification workshop. The company has a total investment of 300 million yuan, covering an area of about 28000 square meters, a comprehensive office building of 5800 square meters, an annual production capacity of 500 million yuan and more than 200 employees. In the health food industry, Kangmei pharmaceutical company is in a leading position in technology, production capacity and sales
Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has top scientific and technological R & D personnel and has established good cooperative relations with domestic well-known universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chongqing University and other scientific research institutions. The company has passed ISO9000 international quality system certification, ISO22000 food safety system certification and health food GMP certification, applied for a number of patents and won the honorary title of “Jining high tech enterprise”
however, the enterprise spirit of “dare to surpass and climb bravely” has not stopped Kangmei company. On the basis of rich production experience, the company continues to adhere to the comprehensive development strategy guided by science and technology, continuously improve product quality and build a first-class product brand. Kangmei pharmaceutical company adheres to “people-oriented”, selects the best talents and constantly develops human resources, so as to build a passionate and fighting team
based on the high-tech field, Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has formed a modern science and technology enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales by using the existing strong scientific research force, sound scientific research system, modern integrated marketing management mode and huge marketing network. At present, the company is mainly engaged in the scientific research, development, production and sales of health food, nutritional food and functional beverage. At present, many trademark brands have been exported to all parts of the country, and a professional team engaged in OEM product development, production and service has been specially established. The quality inspection center, product R & D center and pilot workshop have been established. The inspection instruments and R & D equipment are complete. The quality management is carried out in strict accordance with GMP and ISO to ensure that the product quality meets the national standards
rigorous and scientific production process, sincere and all-round service and fast and efficient company operation are the enterprise consciousness that Kangmei company has always strengthened. High quality services and products create Kangmei brand. It is our duty to produce products that satisfy and reassure consumers, serve the society and benefit mankind. With a high sense of responsibility, pragmatic style and innovative spirit, Kangmei will continue to launch new products. The efficient team of excellence will make Kangmei walk at the forefront of the health food industry and contribute to the healthy development of China’s health products industry. Looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go. Let’s go hand in hand to create brilliance
legal representative: Zhang Zhiqiang
date of establishment: October 25, 2013
registered capital: 50 million yuan
region: Shandong Province
unified social credit Code:
business status: enterprise in operation (practice)
industry: manufacturing industry
company type: limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural persons)
Personnel scale: private enterprise
Enterprise address: Tangkou Industrial Park, Tangkou street, Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province
business scope: R & D, production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces; Production, sales, R & D, technical consultation and technology transfer of nutritious food, beverage and health food; 1、 R & D, production and sales of class II medical devices; R & D, production and sales of cosmetics, disinfection supplies, sanitary supplies, family planning supplies and agricultural and sideline products; Planting of traditional Chinese medicine, research, cultivation and popularization of seeds and seedlings; Conference and exhibition services; Advertising design, production, agency and release; Import and export business of general goods and technology; (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can be carried out only after approval by relevant departments)

Shandong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 (formerly Jining yierjian Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2005 and Jining yijianyuan biomedical Co., Ltd. established in 2009). It is a high-tech enterprise in China that has earlier laid out the Internet in the whole industrial chain and provided accurate service-oriented “Digital Economy + great health industry”

the company is located in the high-end light industry park in Jining City, Shandong Province, close to the Taibai lake ecological wetland. With beautiful scenery and original natural environment, the company is a well-known health industry base in China. The location of the company has convenient transportation, 6km away from Ji Xu expressway, 15km away from Qufu airport and 18km away from Jining transportation hub center. The company covers an area of 28638 square meters, the workshop covers an area of 15000 square meters, the construction area is 30000 square meters, and the project investment is 300 million yuan

Shandong Kangmei pharmaceutical industry adheres to the business mission of “everything for human health”, follows the development concept of “healthy China”, and focuses on the development of nutrition and health. At present, the company is mainly engaged in scientific research, production and marketing of nutritious food, health food, plant extract, health care preparation, medical equipment, puffed food, black garlic enzyme and bird’s nest products. The product dosage forms involve tablets, powder, granules, tea bags, substitute tea, oral liquid, cans, gels, patches, nutritious breakfast, bag jelly, instant bird’s nest and so on. The company has complete production and R & D facilities and equipment. Now it has 100000 purification standard workshops and multiple production lines. The company has developed more than 100 kinds of products of ten brands, including Mingqi, youduowei, energy tiger, health 1 + 1, small stay chicken and Kangmei diet Phase II production line has invested heavily in the introduction of advanced equipment such as three in one filling machine, full-automatic bottle washing machine, full-automatic oral liquid filling machine, full-automatic lamp inspection machine, pipeline sterilization equipment, full-automatic packaging machine and so on. The company has newly built high standard workshops such as cooling and cleaning channels and drying rooms to realize the production of 10ml-20ml oral liquid, 30ml-50ml, 80ml-150ml and 180ml-250ml functional drinks and 235ml-330ml canned functional drinks

Shandong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jinxiang branch was established in September 2018 and is mainly responsible for the operation and management of Jinxiang production base. The base is located in Jining Food Industrial Park (north of the west section of Chongwen Avenue), covering an area of 87 mu, with a total investment of 160 million yuan. It has office buildings, scientific research buildings, 3000 square meters of nutritional breakfast workshop, enzyme fermented beverage workshop and black
garlic fermentation workshop, 7500 square meters of cold storage, with a storage capacity of more than 8000 tons. At present, it has fixed assets of 94.74 million yuan and a total asset value of 160 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in nutritional breakfast, fruit and vegetable enzyme extraction, fruit juice drinks, puffed food The production of Secret black garlic series products and the scientific research, development and production of allicin can produce 100 million bags of formula breakfast, 20 million bottles of juice enzyme, 20 million bottles of black garlic enzyme and 5000 tons of Secret black garlic every year

the company has established a product R & D center, a quality inspection center and a pilot plant, with complete inspection instruments and R & D equipment. It has successively established strategic cooperation with domestic well-known colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and actively carried out in-depth R & D in the fields of medicine and food homology, health food, nutritional food, plant extract, medical devices, sanitary products, expanded food, black garlic enzyme, bird’s nest products and so on. The company has successively obtained GMP good production practice certificate, SC food production license, ISO9001 international quality management system certificate, ISO22000 food safety management system certificate and high-tech enterprise certificate. Now it has applied for more than 60 patents and won many honorary titles. It is a well-known health industry base and high-tech enterprise in China

Shandong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will rely on wisdom, unity, sincerity and diligence, fully through scientific and technological innovation, product innovation and cooperative innovation, strengthen the enterprise status of core industries, implement the transformation of old and new driving forces, extend the industrial chain of circular economy, combine Chinese traditional medicine food and nutrition culture with modern science and technology, and combine self-operation and entrepreneurship service platform, deeply implement the innovation driven development strategy, serve the health of the whole people and contribute to the construction of a healthy China, Gradually become an innovation and entrepreneurship service platform enterprise group operating in the whole chain of large health industry, and make due contributions to the cause of human health.

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