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Group performance of Liaoning Hongyun group

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Hongyun group passed the ISO quality system certification in 2000. It is a member of Liaoning Construction Supervision Association and a member of the national supervision Association. Yingkou Development Zone has the honorary titles of “top ten tax paying enterprises”, “enterprises with tax payment exceeding 30 million yuan”, “advanced unit of urban construction” and so on. Yingkou City “top 100 private enterprises”, shantytowns transformation “outstanding contribution unit”, the implementation of the project year “advanced enterprise”, “integrity unit”, “civilized unit”, “inspection free enterprise”, “reemployment advanced unit” and “Yingkou City 2006 top 100 enterprises with comprehensive strength” and other honorary titles. Liaoning Province has the honorary titles of “integrity unit”, “advanced unit of integrity and rights protection”, “AAA credit unit of real estate”, “key unit for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of township enterprises”, “advanced unit of Party Construction in private enterprises” and so on. Honorary titles such as “contract abiding and trustworthy unit”, “national township enterprise burden monitoring contact point”, “large enterprise” and “well-known enterprise with social reputation in Liaoning”. Since its establishment, the company has successfully supervised the first high school in Yingkou Development Zone, Yingkou commercial bank, Jinhuan garden, phase II project expansion of foreign-funded Yingkou Yixin luggage Co., Ltd., production plant and accessories of Yingkou MS Co., Ltd., reconstruction of Tianshan Street, construction of century square, liushudi relocation building, Jiahe Manor, 323 workshop relocation building, Moon Lake infrastructure project, Hongyun Sports Square, news building, 475 relocation Nearly 1000 construction unit projects such as Hongyun home and Yingkou Shunde furniture city. The project progress is basically completed according to the contract period signed between the owner and the construction unit, the investment is basically controlled, and the supervision service of the company has won the praise of the owner to the company. Hongyu Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. Hongyu supervision company has 62 employees, including 8 people who have obtained the national registered supervision engineering post certificate, 11 people who have obtained the national supervision engineer qualification certificate, 1 person with senior professional title and 38 people with intermediate or above professional title. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated more than 150 supervision unit projects, with a total construction area of more than 1 million square meters, six city model projects and ten provincial model projects. The 2# plant project of Sanxi Processing Co., Ltd. in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone won the title of 2006 Liaoning Construction Engineering Century Cup (provincial high-quality project), and the dormitory building project of Jinji Garment Co., Ltd. won the title of 2006 Yingkou construction engineering Liaohe cup (municipal high-quality project). In the process of supervision, the project supervision shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction law, regulations on quality management of construction projects, code for construction supervision and regulations on safety management of construction projects, and the quality policy of “people-oriented, customer first, quality first and honest service” shall be determined. The contract performance rate of the supervised project is 100%, the project qualification rate is 100%, the customer satisfaction rate is more than 96%, and the safety accident rate is 0%, It has achieved good economic benefits and social reputation. Lay a solid foundation for the future development of the company. With the increase of personnel with national registered supervision qualification, the enterprise qualification will move forward to a higher level. We will provide high-quality service and are willing to sincerely cooperate with you. Liaoning Hua’an Property Management Co., Ltd., established in September 1997, is subordinate to Liaoning Hongyun industry (Group) Co., Ltd. It is the only property management enterprise with secondary qualification in Yingkou, the president unit of Yingkou Property Management Association and the director unit of Yingkou Heating Association. Liaoning Hua’an Property Management Co., Ltd. abides by and implements the national property management regulations and the detailed rules for the implementation of property management in urban residential areas of Yingkou City. In the new era, it will always “soar with the height of Mu Honghu”. In the new journey, it will always “do not need to raise the whip and work hard”, explore and make progress and keep pace with the times. The new Hongyun hotel is subordinate to Liaoning Hongyun industry (Group) Co., Ltd. the hotel is located in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Pearl of the Bohai Sea – a national development zone. Convenient location and convenient transportation. It is a business and leisure hotel built according to the five-star standard, integrating large-scale conferences, catering, guest rooms, entertainment, sauna, large-scale performance and gymnasium. It has a total construction area of 57000 square meters and more than 800 employees. It was rated as “AAAA” Chinese green hotel by China Hotel Association in 2006 and “top ten hotels” by Liaoning Hotel Association in 2007. The catering department has more than 37 large, medium and small luxury Chinese restaurants with different styles, which can accommodate more than 1000 people at the same time. The restaurant brings together famous chefs from north and south, mainly Liao cuisine, supplemented by Sichuan cuisine and Guangdong cuisine, which is suitable for public consumption taste; Qinghe Japanese cuisine, which reflects the Japanese style, makes all kinds of sushi, sashimi and sashimi for you. The exquisite Japanese Teppanyaki allows you to enjoy delicious food and appreciate foreign characteristics at the same time. The housekeeping department has 137 rooms and 230 beds, with various room types: presidential suite, business suite, business room, deluxe room and standard room. With luxurious decoration and advanced equipment and facilities, all the rooms use the world’s top furniture, American Kohler sanitary ware, the special bed for the guest room of slyberland brand, and the considerate and attentive service, so that you have a comfortable and comfortable five-star home. The entertainment department has 30 KTV private rooms with different styles, American sound, audio-visual shock; Mix bar, which gathers modern fashion technology, fully shows your vitality and charm. It is an absolute field for you to relax yourself in a prosperous city. The hotel has the largest sauna hall in southern and Western Liaoning, with an overall area of 12000m2. The decoration style is a combination of European style and tropical rain forest scenery. The ceiling of the lobby is decorated with 24K gold, which is elegant. The bathing area uses all underground hot spring water. In addition to the traditional dry and wet steaming room, there is also a jade experience field, an ocean bath and a lotus bath in the shape of natural stone cave. The “Silk Road Flower Rain” has the largest aerobic Korean sweat steaming room in China and a large indoor swimming pool; The leisure area is equipped with professional cinemas, and the dolby surround system allows you to truly appreciate the charm of Chinese and foreign blockbusters; The tea art room integrates the ancient Chinese tea culture into the bath culture; Every chair in the rest area is equipped with LCD TV to ensure that your private space is not disturbed; There are also reading areas and Internet cafes for your entertainment; A large-scale performing arts nightclub that can accommodate 500 people, gathers the most popular performing arts style today, and stars join together to create a flexible stage; Mahjong room and VIP room have special massage a
rea and foot bath area. Various supporting facilities and high-quality soft environment all show the style of respecting the king. The hotel is equipped with meeting rooms of different specifications with complete facilities. It has a conference hall that can accommodate 800 people, a noble and elegant business negotiation room, a luxurious and grand VIP reception room, and can hold various banquets such as large cocktail parties, which is unique in Yingkou area. Yingkou Hongyun Road Container Transportation Co., Ltd. is a subordinate enterprise of Hongyun group and the main pillar enterprise of Hongyun group. The registered capital is 1.31 million yuan and there are 260 employees. The company is located 200m north of the exit of Shenda Expressway in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone, 1km away from Harbin Dalian highway and 2km away from Bayuquan new port in Yingkou. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The industrial capital is assessed as a provincial three-level transportation enterprise, which is the largest container transportation enterprise in Yingkou. The company covers an area of 34000 square meters, with 3760 square meters of office building and 100 square meters of repair workshop. At present, there are 139 large container transport vehicles, with fixed assets of 82 million yuan and an annual transportation capacity of 60000 TEUs. The transportation business covers the three northeastern provinces and Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and other regions, with more than 30 transportation lines, and has set up offices in some cities in the northeast and south. Yingkou Hongyun economic and trade storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Liaoning Hongyun industry (Group) Co., Ltd. The group began to engage in grain trade business in 2000. In order to strengthen grain operation and management and ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of grain operation, the group established Yingkou Economic and trade storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in May 2001. Yingkou Economic and trade storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. has independent and advanced drying tower equipment, with a room warehouse of about 1800 square meters and a floor of 7800 square meters. It has a certain storage capacity and 41 management and storage personnel specializing in grain operation. Honghai printing and packaging company of Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone, founded in 1989, is the founding enterprise of Liaoning Hongyun group. It is also the only comprehensive printing company integrating design, production, film output, laser Phototypesetting, film washing, plate printing and plate making in Bayuquan District, Yingkou City. Now we are engaged in design, film output, laser Phototypesetting, film development, plate making, printing, books and magazines, color page production, trademark design, various account books, forms and statements, product packaging, various newspapers and periodicals, student books, telephone number anti-counterfeiting, laser anti-counterfeiting and various non dry glue printing. Hongyun hotel is a standard five-star city business and Conference Hotel invested and built by Liaoning Hongyun industry (Group) Co., Ltd. The hotel is located at the intersection of Qinghua street and Panpan Road in the south of Yingkou City. The hotel has a unique location, connecting the downtown section in the north and the coastal industrial base in the south. The hotel has convenient transportation, facing the main street, less than 800 meters away from the passenger station in the East and only 10 minutes away from the railway station. You can arrive at Shenyang Taoxian airport or Dalian Zhoushuizi airport within 2 hours via Shenyang Dalian Expressway. The overall shape of the hotel is a modern architectural style. The whole body is a bronze glass curtain wall, which is noble, elegant and pleasing to the eye. The overall shape of the main building symbolizes the open book. It is magnificent, smooth and magnificent. It is a typical urban landmark. The hotel covers a total area of 26000 square meters and a construction area of more than 39000 square meters. The main building has 16 floors, 76 meters high, attached with three floors of the podium building. The passenger parking lot is equipped with 300 parking spaces. It is a large comprehensive five-star hotel integrating business rooms, Chinese and western Japanese restaurants, sauna leisure, swimming and fitness, conference and exhibition, wedding etiquette and administrative floors. Red luck is accompanied by good luck and peace. Adhering to the service concept of “serving with affection and doing things with heart”, red luck hotel will provide considerate and value-added services for distinguished guests at home and abroad and contribute to the rapid economic development of Yingkou

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