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Green plant packaging

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I remember seeing similar packaging in the newspaper. The creativity is good
generally, copper paper is used as the material, and exquisite words and patterns are printed on the surface to make it into a handbag. Of course, the size should be adjusted according to the size of the flowerpot
the most important thing is to make a hollow design on one side of the handbag, so that you can not only see the plant varieties inside, but also ventilate the flowers. The effect is good
one more thing to pay attention to is the problem of waterproof. The potted flowers and plants and the pot soil matrix must have certain moisture. If the copper paperboard is wet, it will lose its due toughness and affect the use effect
yes, the top of the handbag should be sealed, and it should be fixed with rigid boards or foam materials, mainly to prevent flowers from squeezing in the process of lifting and transporting. Br> you still need to think about the specific patterns and modeling styles!!

think slowly. My Florist doesn’t need it anyway

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