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Fuzhou Quanjude roast duck

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Where can I buy Beijing roast duck? Does anyone know the phone
can I take it out? How much does it cost to buy one? Can you buy a lot?

diagonally opposite ocean department store on Wushan Road, there is a large Quanjude store with signs hanging outside, but you should go in along the road. It seems to be the only roast duck restaurant with Quanjude brand in Fuzhou. The number is 83350108

Wushan road is diagonally opposite to Dayang department store Just walk in when you see the sign
Fuzhou Quanjude telephone 83350108

can be taken out or vacuum packed. You can also buy a large number. The ordinary price seems to be 188 or 190, which is probably the price. If you buy too much, you can discuss with the people in the store. There seems to be a service charge for Hall Food in the store. It tastes much worse than Quanjude in Beijing. Eating roast duck at this price in Fuzhou is also a petty bourgeoisie~~

opposite the Fuzhou municipal government, Fuzhou Quanjude roast duck can be taken away. A large number are more welcome and the price is negotiable.

what you said is too boundless. You should lock in an area, or Beijing will deliver goods to you

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