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Flour expired ~ ~ can I use it ~?

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There are a lot of high powder and low powder at home ~ ~ ~ because supermarkets don’t sell retail ~ they buy a big bag every time ~ ~ but sometimes they can’t use it when they’re busy ~ ~ the shelf life is only half a year ~ ~ many of the rest are expired ~ ~ it’s a pity to throw them away ~ ~ what will be the impact if they are eaten again ~ ~?


many foods are definitely inedible if they are expired. In order not to waste time, many families often choose to eat when the food is slightly expired. However, it may not bring much nutrition to eat these expired foods, which will cause great harm to us. Therefore, we should pay attention to it. If some foods are expired, don’t eat them. It’s best to eat when the food is still fresh

the shelf life of flour is generally indicated on the packaging bag at the time of purchase, one year or 12 months. At room temperature, the shelf life of flour should be from 3 months to 12 months. Due to different seasons and packaging methods, the shelf life will be relatively prolonged or shortened

the weather in the south is relatively humid, so it’s best to store it in a relatively cool and dry place. It’s better in the north, as long as it’s not in a place with high temperature. Putting flour in a vacuum bag can appropriately prolong the shelf life of flour. However, flour is still bought in small quantities for many times. After all, the longer the time is, the lower the nutritional composition of flour will be, and insects will turn yellow. So don’t be afraid of trouble. Buy it when you want to use it

extended data

role of expired flour

1. Before frying the fish, sprinkle a little flour on the fish. When the fish is put into the pot, the oil will not splash out, and the fish skin can remain unbroken

2. When frying eggs, sprinkle some flour in the hot oil first. The fried egg yolk is bright and beautiful, and the oil is not explosive and splashed out of the pot

3. Grapes, persimmons and other fruits are covered with white frost. They can’t be washed with clean water and can’t be trusted to eat. Put a spoonful of flour into the water, stir and knead the grapes in the water, and then sieve and wash with clean water to remove the dirt on the grape skin

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if two-thirds of the storage period of half a year is in cold winter, the temperature of the place where it is placed is also low. Before eating, the color is not gray. In addition, there is no moldy smell, which is still the faint inherent smell of flour. Then use a small spoon to see that there are no organic living creatures such as insects inside. You can eat it safely.

expiration means that the best service life is exceeded. If there is no deterioration or corruption in the nature of the article, it can be used in a small amount

there is no dampness, mildew, caking and discoloration. There is no problem in eating.

don’t forget it ~ don’t eat it because it’s not worth it

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