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Does SF express offer carton packing?

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It’s OK to charge for cartons. Continue to transport a batch of goods outside. I don’t know if SF has paper boxes.

SF express will generally provide boxes according to the following possibilities:

1. Customer requirements

2. The package is fragile and afraid of falling

3. The package contains valuables

4. Large irregular articles

5. Heavy objects, sharp objects or machines, etc

SF express is basically free of charge for small packaging, while some large cartons with high prices need to be charged. The cost is determined according to the size of the box and the charges of each outlet. It is recommended to quote for valuables, and there will be an additional premium

extended data

the fixed specifications of five reinforced packaging cartons are as follows:

size specification of No. 2 carton: 250 × two hundred × 180mm

size and specification of No. 3 carton: 300 × two hundred and fifty × 200mm

size and specification of No. 4 carton: 360 × three hundred × 250mm

carton size: 530 × three hundred and twenty × 230mm

carton size: 700 × four hundred × 320MM。

SF is recognized as the No. 1 and big brother in the domestic express industry. Services and fees are ahead of the four connections and one arrival. Therefore, SF is the first choice for valuable small goods. If it is cheap large goods, you can refer to other express delivery. After all, the cost is not a bit short

reference source: People’s Network – “shared express box” appears to save costs and avoid packaging garbage

SF Express offers free carton packaging

SF express includes standardized packaging services and personalized packaging services. Standardized packaging service provides 6 standard cartons for customers to choose and use

1. Standardized packaging cartons are respectively:

No. 1 carton (200mm * 180mm * 100mm): 1 yuan

No. 2 carton (250mm * 200mm * 180mm): 2 yuan

No. 3 carton (300mm * 250mm * 200mm): 3 yuan

No. 4 carton (360mm * 300mm * 250mm): 4 yuan

carton No. 5 (530mm * 320mm * 230mm): 5 yuan

No. 6 carton (700mm * 400mm * 320 mm): 6 yuan

2. Personalized packaging: subject to the fees charged by local collectors and dispatchers. Please consult local outlets for details

extended data:

SF express freight calculation is based on the following charging rules:

I. calculation method of volume weight:

the charging weight of consigned goods takes the larger value between the volume weight and the actual weight. The calculation method of volume weight is:

1, [SF today /next morning /standard express]

mutual mail in the same city, within the province and within economic regions, volume weight = length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 12000

cross economic regions outside the province, volume and weight = length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 6000

tip: economic regions include: Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui region, Sichuan and Chongqing region, Heiji Liaoning region

2. [SF special offer] volume weight = length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 12000

3. [heavy cargo package /small ticket, less than carload /cold transportation home] volume weight = length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 6000

4. [cold transport LTL] volume weight = length (CM) × Width (CM) × Height (CM) ÷ 3000

5. [Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan /international products (services)] volume weight = length (CM) × Width (CM) × ÷ 6000 cm high

for other product calculation methods, please call 95338 or consult the local dispatcher

II. Processing method of freight calculation result:

1. The freight calculation result shall be rounded off

2. The starting weight of different products varies, and the express that is insufficient for lifting will be charged and displayed according to the lifting

the above charging rules may vary depending on the service (product) or region. For details, call 95338 or consult the local dispatcher

reference source: SF Express – packaging service

SF Express – Freight aging query

SF express generally provides boxes according to the following possibilities (the weight of the box is added to the express):
1. Customers require box packaging
2. The customer’s package is fragile and afraid of falling
3. Valuables, clothes, etc
4. Large irregular items
5. Heavy objects, machines, etc.

SF seems to have recycled boxes. Put your goods in their boxes. When they arrive at the recipient, they take the goods out of the boxes and give them to the recipient. If you want to protect products and even separate products with lattices, there is a shop. They recommend relatively suitable cartons for guests, and then help guests design latticed knife cards, and they can do as little as possible… Su * Zhou% Yi & amp; Order ¥ knife card. They’ll fix it for you. Let you worry less

after placing an order, call SF express and ask for carton packaging, which will be provided.

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