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Do you sell tea sealing machines in Jinan

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Because I want to open a tea shop, but I don’t know much about this aspect. I hope experts can give me some advice. At the beginning, an ordinary shop needs to buy several kinds of tea. Thank you. What’s the general price of small tea sealing machine? Thank you. Urgent

friend, you must make it clear what kind of tea you want to buy. Only in this way can we answer clearly
there are a lot of flower tea and Tieguanyin in Jinan. These two kinds of tea need different sealing machines. Flower tea can be sealed by ordinary sealing machine, and the price is dozens to hundreds. Tieguanyin needs vacuum packaging and needs to buy a vacuum machine. The small cost ranges from 800 to 2000. The vacuum machine can also carry out ordinary sealing, as long as the vacuum time, sealing time and cooling time are adjusted.

we recommend you to use Fengxing brand tea vacuum machine, which integrates the functions of vacuum pumping and sealing. The sealing effect is good and can fully meet your needs. The models include tea 300 and tea 400 vacuum packaging machines
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