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Do you often use toothpicks

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many people have the habit of picking their teeth after meals. They believe that this can remove food residues and protect oral and dental health. Then how about picking your teeth with a toothpick often? Experts believe that a small toothpick may directly let you “get sick from the mouth”. The reasons are as follows – first, many restaurants have unsanitary toothpicks. Many toothpicks used in small and medium-sized hotels have words such as “advanced toothpick” or “high temperature disinfection” on their outer packaging, but they are actually “three noes” products; Some are placed in small dishes, in direct open contact with the air, and can be grabbed by others; Some use toothpick bottles modified from other containers, but the hygiene condition in the bottles is very poor; Some customers take more toothpicks and put them back, which is difficult to ensure hygiene; Others are even reused… Few restaurants can remember to disinfect toothpicks and toothpick bottles. Toothpicks are directly imported appliances. The test results of the health department show that tens of thousands of bacteria and viruses can be “hidden” on a small toothpick. Once these toothpicks are imported, they can easily cause various diseases, especially hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other diseases. Second, the production of many toothpicks is not standardized. Since the country has not yet formulated a unified toothpick standard, the toothpicks on the market are diverse and not standardized at all. In some small commodity wholesale markets, many stalls have toothpicks in plastic bags or bottles for sale. The price is very cheap. Generally, one yuan can buy a large bag. However, these toothpicks have neither health license number nor certificate number, and some do not even have a production site. In fact, there should be very strict requirements for the production of toothpicks. Cork with good toughness must be selected. The surface is smooth and free of burrs. The cross section is flat, round or triangular. The tip should not be too sharp and should be smooth. However, most toothpicks used now do not meet the specifications. Therefore, when consumers go to restaurants for dinner, they should choose the products of regular manufacturers with good packaging, factory name, address, hygiene license number and strict disinfection. Do not use toothpicks that are not placed in closed containers and may cause pollution. Do not use toothpicks that are too white, because it is likely that some irresponsible manufacturers “whiten” the toothpicks by fumigation with sulfur. Third, most people use toothpicks unscientificly. The use of toothpicks should also pay attention to scientific methods. The toothpick should enter between the teeth and gums at an angle of 45 degrees; The tip points to the direction of occlusion, and the lateral edge contacts the gum in the tooth space; The toothpick slides slowly along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth gap; Rinse your mouth after picking your teeth. After eating, many people will pick their teeth with toothpicks involuntarily, but in fact, there is no food to plug their teeth. This habit will cause periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, gingival atrophy, increased tooth space and so on. Some people like to hold the toothpick in their mouth, which is not good. If they are not careful, they will swallow the toothpick into their belly, and even break the small intestine. They must undergo emergency surgery in the hospital before they can be removed from the body. In addition, when using toothpicks, consumers only select one toothpick at a time, and they must break it after using it at the same time.

Yes! As you get older, the more likely it is to jam food between your teeth, you need to use toothpicks to remedy it.

it’s rarely used. It’s not good to use toothpicks

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