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Do you need to prepare your own carton when sending express?

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if it is a small object, the sender needs to make basic packaging by himself; If it is a large object, the courier will pack it instead of the sender

although the packaging of goods has always been the obligation of the sender, the competition in the industry is fierce, and the courier will help packaging from the perspective of serving customers. As for the packaging materials, you can use the cartons at the express point, but the express point will charge the sender a certain material fee

many couriers take the goods back for packaging. In fact, this is not in line with the regulations. Therefore, if the goods are lost due to packaging problems, the express company is mainly responsible

extended data:

when sending express, the courier requires to open the package for inspection, which is stipulated by relevant national laws and regulations

according to Article 43 of the Interim Regulations on express delivery, if an enterprise engaged in express delivery business is under any of the following circumstances, the postal administration department shall punish it in accordance with the provisions of the postal law of the people’s Republic of China and the Anti Terrorism Law of the people’s Republic of China:

(1) failing to establish or implement the receiving and mailing inspection system

(2) violating laws, administrative regulations and the provisions of the State Council and relevant departments of the State Council on prohibiting or restricting the posting and delivery of articles

(3) receiving and sending express mail without checking the identity of the sender and registering the identity information, or still receiving and sending it if it is found that the identity information provided by the sender is untrue

(IV) failure to conduct safety inspection on express according to regulations

if the sender carries prohibited articles in the express, which does not constitute a crime, he shall be punished for public security administration according to law

you can take the package with you, or you can buy it by post office or express, but one is almost 5 yuan. It’s not recommended. You’d better take it with you! Don’t seal it before you go, because it must be inspected now!

it is recommended that you prepare it yourself and then send it. If you need to use the box, prepare the box yourself. If you need to use the bag, prepare the bag yourself, because the place to send is not worth buying. It’s not necessary at home

you don’t need it. There are large and small boxes over there. Of course, if you have a box, you’d better prepare it yourself.

some need it, some don’t need it, if some, bring it yourself. It’s the best!

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