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Design principles of cushioning packaging

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the most important design principle of buffer packaging design is to ensure that the product will not be damaged when the product is impacted during transportation. It is generally calculated according to the brittle value theory to obtain the best buffer area and thickness. Please refer to cushioning packaging design software

1. The product shall be firmly fixed in the packaging container and cannot move. Its prominent and vulnerable parts shall be supported. When there are multiple products in the same packaging container, they shall be effectively isolated
2. Select the appropriate cushion pad to slow down; The area of the punching pad depends on the weight of the product or inner packaging and the characteristics of the cushioning material. In short, the static pressure stress on the cushioning pad should be appropriate
3. Correctly select the cushioning material. The requirements for the cushioning material are also different due to the variety, shape, weight, value and vulnerability of the product
4. The packaging structure should be as simple as possible for easy operation. Open and take out the product from the packaging
5. When designing, various factors should be comprehensively considered. For example, when calculating the vibration, we should not only consider the overall response of the package during resonance, but also the response to key parts or vulnerable parts

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